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Buying a Home in Bahadurabad Karachi

Karachi's real estate is divided into several towns, further sliced into several neighbourhoods, suited for people hailing from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Among all these neighbourhoods, Bahadurabad holds major importance. It is a part of Gulshan Town, located in near Civic Centre.

Initially, this neighbourhood was occupied by the Hyderabadi Muslim refugees, most of whom belonged to the middle-income group. Now, a good mix of people from various social and ethnic backgrounds live here. The neighbourhood has proper infrastructure, in fact, it is one of the most-visited areas in Karachi for shopping and food. In 2007, authorities built its Charminar Chowrangi, which features a replica of the Charminar Monument in Hyderabad, India.

Types of Homes in Bahadurabad Karachi

Since its inception, Bahadurabad has experienced great progress in the real estate side. Now, only upper-middle-class and elite-class groups can afford a home here. The good thing is that Bahadurabad boasts both newer and older varieties of homes. That is one of the many reasons why homebuyers usually list this area as one of the top 5 in the city while hunting for houses and flats. Houses for sale in Bahadurabad usually come in 120, 240, and even 500 sq. yd. sizes. Sizes of flats are mainly based on the number of bedrooms. You can find a wide variety of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments here. Of all these, 2-bedroom flats for sale are mostly preferred by the people in Bahadurabad.

Sale Price Trend for Homes in Bahadurabad Karachi

Prices of houses are based on two factors: the area and location of a unit. On the other hand, factors affecting sale prices of flats in Bahadurabad include the location of a particular apartment complex, its condition, security and if it provides electricity backup, as well as the floor level of a unit. If you’re looking for a house in Bahadurabad, you need to have a big budget of PKR 4 crore to PKR 30 crore. Generally, a flat can be bought between PKR 1 to 4 crore based on the bedroom count and area size majorly.

Facilities & Security in Bahadurabad Karachi

As mentioned earlier, the road network in Bahadurabad is very efficient. It connects the neighbourhood to nearby areas like Delhi Mercantile Society, Dhoraji, Karachi Memon Society and goes directly to Shahra-e-Faisal through Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway.

The neighbourhood receives adequate supply of gas, water, and electricity. The public transport is functional as well. In addition to this, a number of recreational facilities are a part of Bahadurabad such as Kokan Family Park, Bahadurabad Mini Club, and Shaheen Park.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Bahadurabad Karachi

Bahadurabad is home to several schools offering good quality education. The most popular ones in the area are Bahadurabad Foundation School, Keystone Academy, Hexis High School, Z International School, Crown Public School, and DMS School System. There aren’t any universities in Bahadurabad, but Indus University, Agha Khan University, and Iqra University Gulshan Campus are present close to the neighbourhood. In terms of healthcare, Bahadurabad certainly does not lag behind. It houses some of the best hospitals in Karachi like Hussaini Hospital, Jamal Noor Hospital, Bantava Anis Hospital, and Vision Trust, which serve residents every single day.

Shopping & Restaurants in Bahadurabad Karachi

Bahadurabad is known as one of the most crowded areas in Karachi as it offers something for everyone when it comes to shopping and food. It is home to a number of retail shops and malls like City Centre Mall, Free Port Shopping Mall, Baby’s Emporium, and Jan Centre that provide wide varieties in clothing and accessories. In addition to this, many restaurants like Pekin Chinese Restaurant, California Pizza, Kaybee’s, Sicilian Pizza, OPTP, China Castle, and La Chine, are located around the Charminar roundabout, where people treat themselves to delicious dishes.