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    • the_citizen_gold_housing_scheme_40428. jpg
      locationUmarkot Ring Road - Mirpur KhasThe Citizen Gold Housing SchemenewStarting from
      PKR9.39 Lakh
      Residential Plots9.39 LakhFrom 80 Sq. Yd.
    • palm_dreams_karachi_28912. jpg
      locationKarachi Golf City - KarachiPalm Dreams KarachinewStarting from
      PKR22.88 Lakh
      Residential Plots22.88 LakhFrom 125 Sq. Yd.
    • A Prime Location Flat Of 1280 Square Feet In Mehmoodabad
      PKR1.2 Crore
      Mehmoodabad, Karachi
      142 Sq. Yd.

      A Prime Location Flat Of 1280 Square Feet In Mehmoodabad

      Upper Portion 4 Bedrooms With Roof
      Added: 1 week ago
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    Buying a Home in Mehmoodabad

    The property sector in Karachi is dynamic, to say the least, and investors need a keen eye to understand the quickly changing trends. With major ups and downs, the real estate market here has managed to not only survive but also thrive at a steady pace. Karachi itself comprises several high and low-income areas with variable price ranges.

    Mehmoodabad is one of the oldest low-income neighbourhoods in the city. It is a part of Jamshed Town, with Dadabhoy Town towards the north, Azam Basti on the south, Chanesar Goth on the west and Malir River on the east. Homes in Mehmoodabad are sold at moderate prices compared to the other areas of the city, because it is a crowded locality with narrow roads and streets, and units are usually built very close to each other. There are several groups living here, but the Muslim and Parsi communities account for most of the total population.

    Types of Homes in Mehmoodabad

    Residential property in Mehmoodabad mostly accommodate lower middle-class groups, therefore, there aren’t a lot of bigger or spacious units here. You will mostly find properties built according to old architectural styles but that doesn’t mean that there are no contemporary-style units at all. Basically, the homes in this neighbourhood consist of small houses and flats. The area size of most properties range from 60 to 120 sq. yd. However, those who can’t afford houses can get flats in the area. You can easily buy 2-bed apartment, 3-bed flats, and 4-bedroom apartments in Mehmoodabad.

    Sale Price Trend for Homes in Mehmoodabad

    The range for buying a unit starts at PKR 50 lakh and goes up to PKR 1.8 crore. The houses with mediocre conditions and ordinary locations are generally cheaper. On the other hand, flats in Mehmoodabad usually have a sale price between PKR 25 and PKR 60 lakh. These prices are also dependent upon the location of a unit, to some extent. However, factors like condition of a flat, floor level, and nearby facilities also have a major impact on rates.

    Facilities & Security in Mehmoodabad

    Although the security in Mehmoodabad has always been inadequate, residents have recently started taking measures in this regard on their own. People in each society have started hiring guards. Moreover, Sindh Police has also started taking crime-related concerns seriously.

    For water supply, the neighbourhood has its own plant handled by the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board. As far as electricity is concerned, the area experiences load-shedding, as per Karachi Electric’s schedule. Authorities in Mehmoodabad are trying their best to provide basic civic amenities adequately here. The road network is also under construction, as of February 2019, so as to improve the area’s public transport system.  

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Mehmoodabad

    Mehmoodabad offers a number of good schools. It comprises both government and private sector institutes and the most popular ones include Noor-Us-Salam High School, Rasheeda Memorial School, PICS Education Point, M.E Education System, Sir Raheel School System, and LMS School of Education. In addition to this, some higher education institutes like Iqra University and Bahria University are also located nearby. There aren’t any public hospitals here and residents usually depend on small clinics and dispensaries but people can visit some private hospitals to receive immediate medical treatments. The most reliable ones include Saha Medical Centre, Al Murtaza Hospital, Dua Welfare Medical Centre, Siddiqui Memorial Clinic, Al-Razi Hospital, and Tariq Hospital.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Mehmoodabad

    Inside the locality, there is a variety of local food spots like Roll Corner BBQ Inn, Kinza Food Centre, Naseeb Biryani Centre, and Time 2 Time Pizza. Moreover, Tipu Sultan Road, which lies close to Mehmoodabad, is also lined with eateries, including Espresso, Dunkin Donuts, Cocochan, Xander’s, etc.

    The housing community mostly consists of local markets and plazas featuring clothing, houseware, electronics, and grocery shops.