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Overview of Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi maybe the poor sister city of the much greener, posher and lusher Islamabad but it does have some of the perks which give it a unique position in Pakistan real estate. Known as the city of preference for the military personnel and their families, it is the fourth largest city of Pakistan. In context with the fact that it is the fourth largest city of Pakistan in terms of population, the housing needs of people in the city are also mammoth. In this regards, the increasing demand for housing units, Bahria Town Rawalpindi has offered the exquisite combination of a comfortable living and world class amenities.

Rawalpindi is famous for a lot of things. The best way to get the true feel of the city is to take a walk down the lanes of its bazaars. Being an important trade route, the Grand Trunk, or as it is commonly known, the GT and Mall Road pass right through the most important area in Rawalpindi – the cantonment board. The city of Rawalpindi holds special importance from a military perspective in Pakistan. Other than that, it also offers relatively cheaper accommodating options, as compared to the ones available in its sister city of Islamabad.

Rawalpindi Bahria Town is one of the very few notable communities of the city which have made available for the residents a neighbourhood with some of the best facilities a project could offer. With respect to security and facilities, Bahria Town Rawalpindi has been able to rival the cantonment area of the city in next to no time, all thanks to the splendid repute of some of Bahria Town. Although Rawalpindi lies very close to the capital, but the city has a mood of its own. What Bahria Town Rawalpindi offers is a mix of both the cities, making it a unique development in per se.

Being the poor sister city of Islamabad, Rawalpindi is not necessarily a place where people are used to a high standard of living. Bahria Town Rawalpindi however, has changed it for good without putting the city’s historic status of being a trade route of prime importance at risk. Located on the GT Road, Bahria Town is easily accessible and well connected not just with the city of Rawalpindi but also with its twin sister capital city of Islamabad.

Because of the fact that Bahria Town Rawalpindi offers a high standard of living, many people who are relocating from bigger cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, prefer to live in Bahria Town because of the facilities it offers. It offers not just the facilities but also some world class education institutes, medical care, entertainment opportunities and recreational facilities which are hard to find anywhere else. As a recent example of to what extent Bahria Town Rawalpindi can go to offer world class entertainment to its residents is evident in the fact that it has just opened Pakistan’s first gold class 3D cinema, giving people all the more reasons to pick it over the other colonies in the city.