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Buying a House in Federal B. Area

The city is Karachi is also known as the ‘City of Lights’ because it’s busy 24/7/365. It is not only the most populous city of Pakistan but also the hub of all industrial and economic activity. Karachi is a coastal city that has one of the largest ports in South Asia. Places like Karachi Zoo, National Museum of Pakistan, Mazar-e-Quaid, Sea View Beach and Frere Hall list among Karachi’s most popular tourist attractions.  

Over the past few decades, Karachi’s real estate has gained a lot of value and has many types of properties available for sale. People looking for reasonably priced and comfortable homes can consider buying a property in a well-developed neighbourhood like Federal B. Area.

Types of Houses in Federal B. Area

There is a wide variety of options available to people planning to buy a house in Federal B. Area. Most of the houses have double storeys or triple storeys. A triple storey house in F.B. Area typically comprises a ground floor and two upper floors. Sometimes each of these floors is sold or rented out separately because of which a single house based on multiple storeys may contain more than one kitchen and living area.

Sale Price Trend for Houses in Federal B. Area

While hunting for a residential property in Federal B. Area, people will have to pick from houses of different types, usually having reasonable prices. The worth of a 120 sq yds house for sale in Federal B. Area can go as low as PKR 55,00,000 and as high as PKR 3,90,00,000. A house measuring 240 sq yds is normally priced around PKR. Another highly demanded type of property for sale in F.B. Area is a 500 sq yds house, the cost of which usually goes over PKR 6,00,00,000.

Schools, Hospitals & Universities in Federal B. Area

Some notable educational institutions have their presence near Federal B. Area such as The City School, Al Nashra School, The Smart School, Campuses of Iqra and Ilma Universities, The Academy, White House Grammar School, Comprehensive Boys College and Allama Iqbal Open University. There are numerous hospitals and clinics found around F.B Area, mostly located on the main roads. These healthcare facilities include Patel Hospital, M.Rab Hospital, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Al Haq Hospital & Clinic and Rajput General Hospital.

Facilities & Security in Federal B. Area

There are plenty of facilities available around the neighbourhoods in Federal B. Area, including many commercial banks, public parks, sports & recreational clubs, masjids and gyms & fitness centres. For commuting purposes, the residents of F.B Area can feasibly make use of different means of transportations such as minibuses, rickshaws and taxis, as per their convenience. The security of every block in F.B Area is looked after by the police force of Gulberg Town.

Shopping & Restaurant in Federal B. Area

Found in an important region of Karachi, Federal B. Area has many prominent shopping centres and restaurants in the surrounding areas. Places like Lucky One Mall, Imtiaz Super Market, Magnet Shopping City, Sohni Shopping Mall and Dolmen Mall Hyderi cater for a variety of tastes and interests. While living in F.B Area, you are surrounded by many famous eateries that offer you a whole host of culinary flavours. International food chains like Subway, KFC and Dunkin Donuts also have existence in FB Area.

Reasons for Investing in Federal B. Area

Buying a house in F.B Area is ideal for people who wish to live in a well-established area that offers almost all public utilities, easy commute, and easy access to commercial areas. In addition, property in this area is quite affordable, compared to a number of other developed neighbourhoods of the city. Plus, a lot of people also purchase a house in Karachi with the intention of renting it out. You have that option as well. A landlord of a house located in Federal B. Area is sure to receive a high rate of return on a rental property since the area is one of the most in-demand, and cost-effective, residential societies in Karachi.