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    Buying a House in Malir

    Often known as the industrial and financial hub of Pakistan, Karachi is a bustling megacity that never sleeps, almost literally, as people here work round the clock. This city’s contribution to the country’s economy is crucial and it provides millions of people with employment opportunities. While touring Karachi, you will come across many famous landmarks and worth visiting sites such as Mohatta Palace, National Museum of Pakistan, the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam and Bin Qasim Park. Being a coastal city, Karachi has plenty of famous beaches like Hawke’s Bay, Sea View and French Beach. If you’re looking for a house, then there are a lot of properties in Karachi that you can take a look at. Malir Town, for instance, has many types of houses available at reasonable prices.

    Types of Houses in Malir

    There is a large number of properties available for sale in Malir, convenient for people from all walks of life. A lot of people these days, while hunting for houses, search through low-cost housing options. Fortunately, Malir comprises several neighbourhoods and societies that offer such units. Properties in Malir come in different sizes. You can find a plethora of single unit houses as well as well-developed gated housing societies. There are cottages, bungalows and houses with multiple floors that are sold separately as portions.

    Sale Price Trend for Houses in Malir

    While picking a home for yourself, you will come across many low-cost as well as high-priced options. The most in-demand property type is a 120 sq yd house for sale in Malir that starts at around PKR 40,00,000, going as high as 5,00,00,000. A house in Malir with a covered area of 240 sq yds normally comes with a starting price of around PKR 85,00,000. The price range of a property has a direct impact on its size and location.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Malir

    If you choose to reside in Malir, then you will be living near plenty of reputable educational institutions such as National Public School, Nasra School, Army Public College Malir, Karachi Public School and Iqra University Malir Campus. There are many healthcare centres situated in different areas in Malir. For example, near Kalaboard and Malir Halt, you can find Atia General Hospital, TB Chest Hospital, Malir Halt Hospital, Dr. Fasih’s ENT & General Hospital and Hassan General Hospital. A lot of these hospitals also provide patients with specialized medical care for various diseases.

    Facilities & Security in Malir

    Many neighbourhoods in Malir are surrounded by different facilities like fitness centres, sports complexes and public parks. These places include Cantonment Board Park, Saudia Park, Bag-e-Malir Park, Ceragem Malir Centre, Sports Garrison Complex & Fitness Centre and Tiger Gym Fitness Centre. National Highway 5, which becomes Shah rae Faisal while moving further towards the city centre, connects Malir to other areas of Karachi. Areas in Malir come in the jurisdiction of Malir City Police Station that also monitors the overall security situation in its surrounding neighbourhoods.

    Shopping & Restaurant in Malir

    Malir has a whole lot of markets and shopping centres located in and around it. Malir Cantonment Market, Shaheen Market, Falcon Shopping Complex and Askari Star Shopping Mall are a few names worth mentioning here. Electronic gadgets like smartphones and tablets can be bought from shopping destinations like AR Mobile Mall and Raza Mobile Market. There are many famous eateries in Malir that offer a large variety of foods like Rehmat-e-Shireen Restaurant, KFC, Pizza Max, The Diners Café, California Pizza and Pearl Food Centre.

    Reasons for Investing in Malir

    Buying a home at an affordable price in a nice location is every buyer’s dream. In this regard, purchasing a property in Karachi is a haven for the investors. In recent years, there have been quite a few developments in and around Malir, especially the stretch of land along Malir Link to Superhighway, due to which its real estate sector is also rapidly growing. It is also important to note that areas like Malir Halt, Model Colony and Kazimabad, etc, are conveniently situated near the airport as well as the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Plus, a house in Malir can be rented out as a single unit and in portions as well. There is a high demand of such arrangements in the area, therefore, you can easily make money off your property.