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    Buying a Flat in Malir

    Karachi is the biggest industrial city of Pakistan. The city makes a huge contribution to the country’s GDP. It is also one of the largest cities in the world with a population of over 20 million people. There are many well-established local and international companies and startups operating in Karachi, due to which a lot of people from different parts of the country move here in search of jobs. The city has a rapidly developing real estate industry. The demand is high, so is the supply. There are numerous residential properties for sale in the busy city of Karachi. Being one of the eighteen major towns in Karachi, Malir has numerous flats available for sale in its different areas.

    Types of Flats in Malir

    You will find a mix of old and new flats in buildings situated in different parts of Malir. There are also some apartments that are still under construction but are available on an easy instalment plan. The developers of such projects also boast their flats to have luxurious interiors with modern fixtures. Be it an old or a newly built residential project, a lot of the apartment buildings in them have west open and corner flats because they are highly demanded by tenants.

    Sale Price Trends for Flats in Malir

    As discussed above, there are numerous types of flats available for sale in Malir. Each flat is uniquely priced based on its features, facilities and covered area. The price of a 2-bedroom flat, one of the most popular types, could be anywhere between PKR 24,00,000 and PKR 70,00,000. You can also easily buy a 3-bed apartment for PKR 60,00,000. It is important to note that the price of flats situated alongside Malir Link To Superhighway can be quite expensive, almost over a crore, due to the area’s proximity to Malir Cantonment.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Malir

    Many famous schools, colleges and universities are situated in Malir like Army Public School, Nasra School Malir, Children Paradise High School, The Smart School, Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences and Iqra University Malir Campus. To obtain medical assistance while living in Malir, you can head over to many different healthcare facilities such as Al Khidmat Hospital Malir, Pakistan Healthcare Trust Hospital and Malir Halt Hospital. A lot of these hospitals have direct access to National Highway 5, which is a major expressway running through Malir. Kalaboard, one of the many neighbourhoods in the area, also has a string of hospitals running along the same road. These facilities include an Agha Khan University Hospital clinic, Atia General Hospital, Nehal Hospital, and Dr. Aitq Orthopedic and Medical Centre among others.

    Facilities & Security in Malir

    Most of the areas found in Malir are dotted with public parks and many other recreational spots. For example, Quaid’s Park is an amusement park that has many thrilling rides for children. Malir also has two very famous golf courses namely Gulmohar Golf Club and the Acacia Golf Club. The residents can also make use of many important flyovers and expressways that conveniently link them to other parts of the city. As of 2015, the law and order situation in Malir Town is more or less under control, thanks to the efforts of the Sindh Police and Pakistan Rangers.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Malir

    While roaming around Malir, you will come across many commercial markets and shopping centres. Some of the neighbourhoods in Malir Town also have standalone shops selling groceries, bakery items and medicines. Shopping destinations like Askari Star Mall (Malir Cantt) and Falcon Shopping Complex are visited by shoppers on a regular basis. Malir is also famous for having a lot of famous eateries in and around it such as McDonald’s, Pizza Max, OPTP, Domino’s, Delizia, The Diners Café, Gevini Food and Allah Malik Karahi Restaurant.   

    Reasons for Investing in Malir

    If you are planning to buy a flat that is both affordable and offers easy access to the main city, then Malir has a lot of options for you. In fact, a lot of the new real estate projects in Malir are apartment complexes. Along the Malir Link To Superhighway, there is a string of high-rise buildings. Almost all of these projects have secure environments, the facility of elevators and standby generators. Due to these latest developments and the ever-increasing demand, the property value of Malir is constantly going up. This also means if you buy a flat in Malir, you can sell it for a higher price later on.