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    House for Sale in Buch Executive Villas

    Why buy a House for sale in Buch Executive Villas?

    Buch Executive Villas, ideally located on Multan’s Bason Road, offers almost all the basic facilities and amenities, including luxurious facilities as well, to provide maximum facilitation to their dwellers. The housing scheme’s developers — Captain Developers — are renowned for their experience and expertise in the country’s real estate industry, and are offering a secure and higher living standard for those planning to buy a house for sale in Buch Executive Villas.  The developers of the housing scheme have focused on the provision of an infrastructural design that highlights magnificence, modernism, and beauty.

    Moreover, Captain Developers Chairman Noor Asghar Bucha had personally involved himself with the development of the project. The project builders started out with an aim of a highly equipped community that brings their visions of a contemporary residential community into reality. Buying a house for sale in Buch Executive Villas enables you to experience a well-equipped housing society that comes with luxurious living amenities.

    What are the types of houses for sale in Buch Executive Villas?

    Featuring state-of-the-art and ultra-modern infrastructural design, Buch Executive Villas is one of the most prominent housing societies in Multan. The housing scheme boasts of lush green landscapes including parks and gardens throughout the society’s premises. The venture offers fully-furnished houses (villas and cottages) for sale, which have been developed using the latest construction trends and top quality materials, fittings and fixtures. Moreover, if you are looking to buy a house for sale in Buch Executive Villas, you need to know the categorisation of these villas:

    Types of Houses for Sale in Buch Executive Villas
    Category A
    1 Kanal Double-storey
    Category B
    17 Marla Double-storey
    Category C
    10 Marla Double-storey
    Category D
    7.5 Marla Double-storey
    Category E
    7.5 Marla Single-storey
    Category F
    5 Marla Double-storey
    Category G
    5 Marla Single-storey

    Additionally, the project also offers triple-storey cottages and farmhouses of 4 and 8 kanal for sale. 

    What is the Sales Price Trend of houses in Buch Executive Villas?

    Investors seeking to invest in houses for sale in Buch Executive Villas might want to speed things up as there is a ‘high-return potential’ on offer. The prices of villas are also significantly low, as compared to other housing societies in Multan. However, as the society management has enabled uninterrupted gas supply, property prices are expected to rise in the coming days.

    You can buy a house (Category A - 1 kanal double-storey) for sale in Buch Executive Villas for a price of PKR 3.25 crore. The Category B houses (17 marla double-storey) available for sale in Buch Executive Villas are up for grabs for a price of PKR 3.85 crore. Prices for ‘Category C’ houses for sale are between PKR 80 lakh to PKR 2.25 crore. You can find ‘Category D’ houses on sale for PKR 1 crore to PKR 1.8 crore. The price of houses for sale, falling under Category E, are between PKR 45 lakh to PKR 1.4 crore. Prices for houses in Category F fall between PKR 85 lakh to PKR 1.15 crore. Category E-houses for sale in Buch Executive Villas can be found for PKR 65 lakh.

    Sales Price Trend of Houses in Buch Executive Villas
    Category A: 1 Kanal Double-storey ≈ PKR 3.25 crore
    Category B: 17 Marla Double-storey ≈ PKR 3.85 crore
    Category C: 10 Marla Double-storey PKR 80 lakh — PKR 2.25 crore
    Category D: 7.5 Marla Double-storey PKR 1 crore — PKR 1.8 crore
    Category E: 7.5 Marla Single-storey PKR 45 lakh — PKR 1.4 crore
    Category F: 5 Marla Double-storey PKR 85 lakh — PKR 1.15 crore
    Category G: 5 Marla Single-storey ≈ PKR 65 lakh