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Buying a House in Sargodha

Popularly known as “The City of Eagles,” Sargodha is the 10th largest city of Punjab that is spread over an area of 5, 854 km. Why is it known as “The City of Eagles?” Well, it is believed Sargodha got this title owing to its remarkable contribution to Pakistan Air Force, especially in the 1965 war. Later, the government decided to establish PAF Base Mushaf in Sargodha.

The city is located at a distance of approximately 48 km from M-2 motorway that connects two major cities, Islamabad and Lahore. People can travel to and from Sargodha via Daewoo Bus Service from all over Pakistan.

According to an online newspaper, in September 2017, the Divisional Development Working Party (DDWP) assigned PKR 1.33 billion for infrastructure development in Sargodha. The budget was allocated for construction of buildings and roads. This has had a significant impact on the buying trends of houses in Sargodha. In addition, Sargodha was just recently introduced to the idea of fully-secured housing schemes, which is expected to add more value to the city’s property market. Also, new housing schemes in Sargodha are coming up with world-class infrastructure and premium facilities. Consequently, the real estate in Sargodha is evolving at a considerable pace. Not only investors are willing to invest in houses for better ROI, but people are also showing interest in owning personal residential property. The top preferred areas of Sargodha for buying homes are New Satellite Town, Aziz Bhatti Town, University Road and Qartaba Town.

Types of Houses in Sargodha

Infrastructure development is picking up speed in Sargodha, so is the construction of housing projects in the city. Some localities here only offer residential plots and some are under development. However, there are areas, where beautiful houses have been constructed. For example, New Satellite Town in Sargodha consists of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 marla houses for sale. Some of the houses here are also built on 12 marla. The houses in New Satellite Town have spacious rooms, some are single storey and some are double storey and have proper parking spaces.

Another beautiful locality of Sargodha is Aziz Bhatti Town. It is one of the most serene and clean localities, where houses are built on 2 marla, 5 marla, 10 marla and 11 marla. You shall find semi-furnished or fully furnished single-storey, double-storey and even triple-storey luxurious houses for sale in Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha. The roads here are 30 feet wide and houses have spacious rooms with attached baths, car parking area and an open roof.

University Road Sargodha is also a good option for personal residence as well as for investment, as the houses on University Road Sargodha are available in different area sizes, which include 5 marla, 6 marla, 7 marla and 1 kanal houses. There are some old and brand new units for sale here. The new houses have complete tile flooring, high-quality fittings and fixtures, beautiful and trendy exterior. A 1 kanal house here comes with huge car parking spaces that can accommodate 3 to 4 cars. These houses can be customized, for instance, you can make changes to the floors, interior, exteriors, etc., in accordance with housing regulations.

Sale Price Trend for Houses in Sargodha

The houses for sale in Sargodha have different rates, which mostly depend on how developed and populated a particular area is. Some areas of the city are still in the development phase, therefore, some facilities might not be readily available. The price of a 3 marla house in New Satellite Town is as low as PKR 28 lakh and as high as PKR 40 lakh. Prices of double-storey houses in Sargodha are usually high. The asking prices of 5 marla houses in this community range between PKR 40 lakh and PKR 78 lakh, while 10 marla houses here start from PKR 60 lakh and go up to KR 1.75 crore. The variation in rates of houses with the same area size is due to the difference in the number of storeys, interior, exterior, location, number of rooms and amenities in the proximity. A triple storey 2 marla house for sale in Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha has an asking price of PKR 38 lakh, having 4 rooms and 2 attached baths, while the asking price of 5 marla houses ranges from PKR 19 lakh to PKR 1.4 crore. The 10 marla houses here have a price range between PKR 70 lakh and PKR 2.4 crore.

The 5 marla houses for sale in University Road Sargodha have an asking price between PKR 70 lakh and PKR 1.2 crore. The more add-ons a house has, in terms of interior and exterior, the more value it holds, and the rates move up and down accordingly. Some 6 marla houses can also be found on University Road Sargodha with rates between PKR 70 lakh and PKR 1.4 crore. The price of 1 kanal houses here start at 1.3 crore and have a maximum asking price of PKR 3 crore.

Schools, Colleges & Universities in Sargodha

Sargodha has several renowned schools, colleges and universities, established in various localities. In the vicinity of New Satellite Town Sargodha, you shall come across The City School, Dar-e-Arqam, School, Comprehensive Girls High School, Allied School, Al-Hira Model High School, Ilm College, Cornelius Law College, ITM College, The Reader Group of Colleges, Hira Polytechnic College and, at a drive of 14 minutes, you can reach the University of Sargodha.

Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha also has some eminent educational institutes like Garrison School, Askari Public School, Allied School, Government Degree College for Girls, Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Punjab Commerce College and, at a drive of approximately 17 minutes, there is the famous University of Lahore (Sargodha Campus).

Bloomfield Hall School, Beaconhouse Main Campus Sargodha, The City School, National Cadet School, Air Base School, ITM College of Commerce and Science, Iqra College of Education and the University of Sargodha are some other reputable educational institutes in the proximity of University Road Sargodha.

Facilities & Security in Sargodha

Most of the housing areas in Sargodha offer all basic as well as modern facilities to its residents. The more developed a locality is, the more facilities it provides. New Satellite Town, Aziz Bhatti Town and University Road Sargodha have access to clean water, parks, markets, mosques, electricity, gas, petrol pumps, major banks, salon, Gymkhana Club Sargodha, fully equipped medical facilities, cable TV and internet. The Mall of Sargodha is under construction, once it’s operational, the value of the locality, as well as the city, will increase further and provide a great shopping experience to the residents.

The crime rate in Sargodha is moderate, as per February 2018 stats. Police stations and other law enforcement offices are situated in all areas of the city. for instance, you can find the Satellite Town Police Station near New Satellite Town. In the vicinity of University Road Sargodha, Regional Police Station and DPO Office are at a distance of 4 minutes’ drive. There is also a Citizens Facilitation Centre.

The Police Station City, Police Station Anti-Corruption, Urban Area Police Station, DPO Office and other police stations are just a few miles away from Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha.

Shopping & Restaurants in Sargodha

Residents of New Satellite Town Sargodha have to drive approximately 10 to 12 minutes to reach Al Hamd Shopping Mall and Modern Shopping Mall, however, there are general stores and other shops in the vicinity of New Satellite Town. Waseb Hotel and Restaurant, Mezban Restaurant, Pizza Bites, Al Makkah Hotel and Restaurant, Royal Hotel and Restaurant and Khan Baba Foods are few of the dine-out options, among many, in the area of New Satellite Town Sargodha.

There are general stores and bookstores in Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha. However, residents can go shopping at Ghumman Mall in Satellite Town or visit other shopping malls in Sargodha. In the area of Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha, Little Hut Fast Food and Bismillah Hotel are the only two eateries.

There are tons of shopping places in the vicinity of University Road Sargodha. Some of them are Al-Hamd Shopping Mall, Paragon Plus, Modern Shopping Mall, Baby Care Shopping Center, Royal Fabric, etc. The famous restaurants nearby are Tornado, Salty Foods, Fri Chicks, Ambala VIP, Zam Zam Restaurant, Rahat Restaurant and the list continues.

Reasons for Investing in Sargodha

Keeping the city’s ongoing real estate development into consideration, buying a house in Sargodha will prove profitable for prospective owners. Investors appear keenly interested to buy houses, so they can earn high returns. Moreover, as per property experts, this is the right time to buy houses for personal residential property, as the prices are quite reasonable. However, that might not be the case in the future as rates can blow up, thanks to the increase in buying trends for houses in different areas of Sargodha.