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Overview of Bahria Town Islamabad Plots

In Islamabad real estate sector, Bahria Town is one of the best performing housing projects. This locality is fairly popular among investors from Pakistan and overseas and has performed consistently well in terms of investment returns as well as infrastructural development. It would not be an overstatement to say that Bahria Town is one of the leading developers to kick start sale purchase activity in the property market of Islamabad.

Despite venturing real estate markets of different cities of Pakistan, the developer’s focus from Bahria Town Islamabad has not been shifted. It appears that the Bahria Town management is too talented and well trained to let such massive popularity make it lethargic. The developer’s commitment along with a stellar record of accomplishments has helped Bahria Town maintain its existing clientele and attract the new ones. In fact, many property investors, from Pakistan and abroad, deal solely in Bahria Town and their investment growth over the yeas have convinced them to pour in more of their money and trust in the development.

As per statistics of, value of residential plots in Bahria Town’s various projects in Islamabad has increased by 200% in last couple of years. The similar projection has been seen in value of houses in the locality. The price escalation Bahria Town Islamabad property has seen so far in the year shows no sign of stopping. In addition to focusing on development of Bahria Town Islamabad’s existing projects, the developer systematically adds new ones, keeping the interest of investors alive by offering them more and rather promising investment propositions.

It was expressed by some estate agents that the massive launch of Bahria Town’s housing, corporate and commercial projects in Karachi will slow down the pace of development in Islamabad, but the people witnessed otherwise. Right now, a big share of investment in Islamabad’s property market is poured in Bahria Town alone, making it the capital’s most popular and reliable community, both for living and investing.

The main reason why Bahria Town attracts so many investors is the steady development pace of its projects. No matter who reigns the country, Bahria Town projects in Pakistan in general and Islamabad in particular continue to gain worth. With some very enticing lifestyle facilities such as limited load shedding, fool proof security, beautifully landscaped vicinity, underground wiring, recreation facilities and modern amenities such as impressive malls, cinemas, health and educational institutes and community centres have given people all the reasons they can think of to pick Bahria Town as their lifestyle destination.

To best cater to the needs of all sorts of investors and dwellers, Bahria Town has introduced the concept of launching especially designed housing societies in the capital of Pakistan. These projects include Bahria Enclave, Bahria Golf City and Bahria Garden City with dedicated block for overseas investors as well as those looking for an exceptional and exclusive place to live in the most promising, facilitating and peaceful area of Islamabad.