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    Buying a Plot in Bani Gala

    Islamabad replaced Karachi as the capital of Pakistan in the 1960s. The city is an architectural marvel and is often regarded as the world’s second most beautiful capital. It is the fastest emerging metropolis of Pakistan, in terms of population growth as well as economic and urban development.

    For the past decade, the city’s breathtaking scenic views and tight security have attracted investors and homebuyers from across the country. For this reason, the real estate market of Islamabad is thriving. Developers are increasingly coming up with new residential schemes to tackle the rising demand for housing communities. Along with residential property, buying plots in Islamabad is also considered as a lucrative option. Bani Gala is one of the most popular societies in this regard.

    This affluent housing area, situated on the outskirts of the federal capital, has attracted a lot of attention over the past couple of years as it houses the private residence of Chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Imran Khan.

    Types of Plots in Bani Gala

    Bani Gala is not just an ideal place to buy or build a house but it is also an attractive real estate investment option. When it comes to buying a residential plot in Bani Gala, you can choose from a wide range of sizes, however, the most popular among buyers are 5 and 10 marla, and 1 and 2 kanal. Capital Complex is the biggest society in Bani Gala that offers plots in a huge variety. Buyers can either keep the plots as a long-term investment or build a home according to their requirements.

    Sale Price Trend for Plots in Bani Gala

    Properties in Bani Gala have gained much popularity in recent years due to the area’s link to Imran Khan. People are increasingly buying land in the area where they can construct their dream home. A wide range of residential plots is available with different price tags. For instance, one can buy a 5 marla plot for around PKR 15 lakh and for investing in 10 marla plot the range of budget should be between PKR 25 lakh to PKR 80 lakh. Prices are typically directly proportional to the size of the plot. The sale price of a huge 1 kanal plot starts at PKR 35 lakh, going up to PKR 1.6 crore.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Bani Gala

    Residents of Bani Gala do not have to travel to the main city in search of good schools. Institutions like Unity International School, The Educators, and Allied School, among others, have their campuses in the area. It also houses Beaconhouse Newlands, which is a very popular boarding school in Islamabad. COMSATS is also located at a 15-minute drive from this location. Moreover, hospitals like Medicare, Heaven for senior citizens, Dr.Ashraf's Specialist's Clinic, etc, are providing state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to the residents of Bani Gala.

    Facilities & Security in Bani Gala

    The community provides almost all necessary civic amenities to its dwellers, including gas, electricity, water, malls, schools, dispensaries, hospitals, etc. In addition, the strikingly beautiful Rawal Lake and Lake View Park serve as a popular picnic spot for residents where they can enjoy boating, fishing, and sightseeing.

    Since the private accommodation of Pakistan’s prime minister is located here, the security of the area is usually tight. In fact, it now ranks among the safest residential areas in the country. Rangers and police personnel are deployed at various locations while a heavy contingent of police patrols the area round the clock. Moreover, CCTV cameras are installed at different points across Bani Gala.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Bani Gala

    Bani Gala is a heaven for food lovers as it houses a plethora of food joints offering traditional, continental and fast food items from dawn to dusk. Some of the popular restaurants include Mr COD, Tanga Grill & Cuisine, Bentley Boutique Hotel, and New Shinwari Hotel. However, there are only a few shopping malls in the area. The two most popular names in this regard are Rajput Plaza and Hasnain Plaza.

    Reasons for Investing in Bani Gala

    For many years, Bani Gala was just a small patch of residential land on the outskirts of Islamabad and it remained a controversial area due to litigation issues. However, it has now transformed into one of the most upscale neighbourhoods of the city.  Blessed with picturesque beauty and a serene ambience, this place has almost everything a homebuyer looks for.