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Buying a Plot in North Nazimabad

North Nazimabad is located in the centre of some major residential districts like Nazimabad, Orangi Town, Gulberg Town, and Buffer Zone. Its name describes its location within the city of Karachi. It is home to around 708,583 people, according to the 2017 Census, mostly belonging to the Memon, Islamili, Pashto, and Punjabi communities.

If you are trying to buy land in Karachi, you will come across a wide range of real estate opportunities in North Nazimabad, since it’s not only a popular area in terms of buying houses but is also in high demand among people who want to purchase plots.

Types of Plots in North Nazimabad

It is a densely populated area, which is why finding vacant lots can be a challenge here. That said, you can explore blocks F, B, and H, since these sections still have a number of options so they are popular for investment purposes. The size range of these plots usually starts at 120 sq. yd. However, 240 sq. yd. plots in North Nazimabad are also in high demand among buyers. If you are looking for even bigger plots, then you can opt for 300, 500, and 1000 sq. yd.

Sale Price Trend for Plots in North Nazimabad

Most of the blocks in North Nazimabad have already been developed. Therefore, buyers need to have a flexible budget if they want to make an investment in the area. The average price of 120 sq. yd. residential plots is PKR 65 lakh. The price of 240 sq. yd. plots can be anywhere between PKR 2.2 and PKR 2.6 crore. For 300 sq. yd., the range is PKR 2.8 to PKR 4 crore. For investment in 500 sq. yd. plots in North Nazimabad you will require a budget of PKR 3 to PKR 8 crore.

Facilities & Security in North Nazimabad

In terms of infrastructure, North Nazimabad is a smartly-planned area with a large network of roads that connect it to several other major neighbourhoods. Sher Shah Suri Road is the main artery within society. Residents can easily travel to and from North Nazimabad through public transport. Other than this, there aren’t any major concerns related to gas, water and electricity supplies. Plus, there are several mosques, parks, banquets and a lot of other facilities for recreation like Asghar Ali Shah Cricket Stadium, and Café Commune.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in North Nazimabad

There are numerous schools in North Nazimabad, but blocks I, H and F house the most number of educational institutions. St. John’s High School, Beaconhouse School, Elixir School, Ladybird Grammar School, and The City School receive a fair amount of admissions every year. North Nazimabad is also home to one of the best dental institutes in of the city called Karachi Medical and Dental College. Almost every block has some good healthcare facilities as well. The famous Ziauddin University is also located in Block B of North Nazimabad.

Shopping & Restaurants in North Nazimabad

Malls like Saima Pari Mall and Dolmen Mall Hyderi make shopping fun and convenient for the residents of North Nazimabad. For groceries, there are several stores like Al Jalal Market, Hussaini Supermarket, and Hyderi Supermarket. When it comes to restaurants, you will find a whole lot of them in affordable as well as expensive categories. The most-visited ones are California Pizza, Kababjee’s, Broadway Pizza, Nando’s, Subway, and Ginsoy.

Reasons for Investing in North Nazimabad

North Nazimabad is an integral part of the real estate in Karachi since it’s a huge area. The fact that a lot of people live here considerably contributes to the success of businesses in the area. It’s ideal for homebuyers who are looking for a bigger space but cannot splash huge amounts of money as they would have to in upscale societies like DHA and Clifton.