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Renting a Flat in Bath Island

The real estate market of Karachi caters to a variety of requirements as it’s as vast as the city itself. If you’re someone who is looking for a space in a high-end community, but cannot afford to buy property, then you might want to consider renting an apartment. Bath Island can be a nice place to start your search as it has a good mix of high-rise and mid-rise buildings. So, this neighbourhood has a lot to offer when it comes to rental apartment types.

Types of Flats in Bath Island

The apartment complexes in Bath Island are built and renovated according to modern standards. For example, you’ll find American-style kitchens with high-quality tiles and fittings. Some building owners also promise additional security, parking, 24/7 electricity and water supplies. The minimum you can rent in Bath Island is a 2-bedroom flat. After that, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom are two popular sizes for renting an apartment in Bath Island. The highest bedroom count available for rent is 5-bedroom.

Rent Price Trend for Flats in Bath Island

Rent prices in Bath Island are high because of its prime location. The electricity and gas bills aren’t usually included in the rent, which, sometimes, you have to pay three to six months upfront. The building owners might also charge you extra monthly fees for maintenance of the buildings. The rent of a 2-bedroom apartment starts at PKR 50 thousand and goes as high as PKR 1.6 lakh. For 3 bedrooms, the rent price range is between PKR 60 thousand to PKR 1.75 lakh. The rent price of a 4-bedroom apartment could be between PKR 85 thousand and PKR 1.9 lakh.   

Facilities & Security in Bath Island

Bath Island is located in a very secure part of Clifton. Karachi’s busiest commercial districts Teen Talwar and Boat Basin are situated close to the neighbourhood. It has branches of almost all major banks and features several mosques, parks, and guesthouses. The supply of water and gas is adequate. Plus, the road network is quite simple as the area is connected to Mai Kolachi and KPT flyovers, which makes travelling to the rest of the city easier.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Bath Island

The schools found in Bath Island are Learning Minds, Oxford Public School, and Eman Academy School. Beaconhouse School System is also located five minutes away from the neighbourhood. Some prominent universities are also easily accessible to residents. These are SZABIST, Indus University, and Ziauddin University. Bath Island has sufficient healthcare facilities as well. Within the neighbourhood, you will find Dow Hospital and Hilal-e-Ahmer house. There’s a branch of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital nearby along with Ziauddin Hospital and South City Hospital.

Shopping & Restaurants in Bath Island

Bath Island is a haven for both shopaholics and foodies. It lies right next to Teen Talwar, which is home to Gulf Shopping Centre and Uzma Shopping Centre. Other than these two places, Forum Mall is also close to the area. For food, residents can head to Boat Basin, where all popular, high-end, as well as affordable restaurants,  are situated. These include TAO, Jan’s Broast, OPTP, Marcel’s, KFC, Hobnob, Baithak, Hanifa, Daal Rice, and Baloch Ice Cream.

Reasons for Renting in Bath Island

Bath Island is home to a number of high-rise and mid-rise apartment complexes. Some have been made recently and offer better amenities than others. However, basic facilities like water, gas, electricity, and security are provided by all developers. Since foreign consulates are situated in this neighbourhood, the security is also tight at all times. The neighbourhood is well planned and almost all of the streets are properly labelled. This is the reason properties for rent in Bath Island always stay in demand.