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    Renting a Flat in Nazimabad

    Along with being the largest city of Pakistan, in terms of area, Karachi is also the most populous city in the country. It was once a small fishing village named “Kolachi,” which, in later years, caught the attention of foreign traders and businessmen, eventually becoming one of the biggest metropolises on Earth.

    Karachi provides crucial support to the economy and provides thousands of job opportunities for people coming to the city from across Pakistan. Mazar-e-Quaid, Sea View Beach, Mohatta Palace and PAF Museum are a few of the many must-visit places here. Karachi's rental properties comprise many different types with varying rates. Nazimabad is a popular suburb of the city where you can find a number of flats on rent at affordable prices.

    Types of Flats in Nazimabad

    The rental homes available in Nazimabad fall in different categories based on their types, sizes and locations. A lot of people prefer renting a flat than a house in Nazimabad because apartments are much more reasonably priced. Often having 2 or 3 bedrooms, a majority of these apartments have American Kitchens, bedrooms with attached bathrooms and modern living and dining areas. Keeping in view the preferences of Karachiites, a lot of these flats are west open.

    Rent Price Trends for Flats in Nazimabad

    Prospective tenants can easily find low-cost, mid-range and/or high-priced flats in Nazimabad. The rent of an apartment heavily depends on its covered area, location, condition and the number of bedrooms. For example, the monthly rent of a 2-bedroom flat in Nazimabad varies between PKR 15 and PKR 35 thousand. However, if you want your residence to be more spacious, then you can always opt for a 3-bedroom apartment, the monthly rent of which starts from around PKR 20,000 and goes up to PKR 85,000.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Nazimabad

    The area of Nazimabad is home to some of the most famous educational institutions and healthcare facilities found in Karachi. The names of a few famous schools, colleges and universities are Dr. Ziaunddin University, The Educators, Usman Public School, Hiba Public School, Oxford Cambridge School, Bahria Foundation College and Jinnah University for Women. For medical assistance, places like Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Hamdard Hospital, A.O Clinic, Al Khidmat Hospital & Maternity Home and Baqai Hospital can be visited.

    Facilities & Security in Nazimabad

    Being one of the liveliest and busiest areas in Karachi, Nazimabad has many facilities available in and around it. Almost every block is dotted by amenities like public parks, recreational clubs, fitness centres, commercial banks and jogging tracks. Unlike any other area of Karachi, the neighbourhood of Sakhi Hassan in Nazimabad has over a dozen banquets, marriage lawns and halls located in a row, on the main Sher Shah Suri Road. Police officers working with Paposh Police Station patrol different areas in Nazimabad to effectively monitor the security situation.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Nazimabad

    Nazimabad has many shopping centres, markets and malls that are famous all over Karachi. Dolmen Mall Hyderi, Gol Market, Serena Mobile Market, Saima Paari Mall, Imtiaz Super Market and Hyderi Super Market are a few worth mentioning names in this concern. Nazimabad can also be termed as a foodie destination as it has many famous restaurants and food spots such as Desi Bites, Hardees, Chaska Foods, Food Station, Karachi Fast Food & Biryani and the very famous Nazimabad Kachori.

    Reasons for Renting a Flat in Nazimabad

    Nazimabad is an integral part of Karachi that is linked to many other important areas of the city through numerous roads and expressways. For instance, Nazimabad connects to Shara-e-Faisal via Sir Shah Mohammed Suleman Road, the Stadium Road flyover and Karsaz Road. Since there is a wide range of flats available, the process of choosing the right one can be a little tedious. Therefore, it is recommended to narrow down your choices before visiting landlords. The good part is, there are a lot of flats in Nazimabad that come with reasonable rents. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging your wallet every month, especially if you’re a single individual who has just moved to the city.