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    Buying a Flat in Nazimabad

    The city of Karachi was once only a fishing village called “Kolachi.” However, with the passage of time, this small village transformed into a megacity that is also one of the largest metropolises in the world. Both, in terms of population and area, Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city. It is one of the busiest financial hubs of the region with a lot of business activities happening day in and day out. The real estate market of Karachi, in particular, is a significant contributor to the city’s successful economy. Despite the ever increasing population of the city, there are a lot of properties available for sale here. Being one of the most developed — and populated — parts of the city, Nazimabad has many buildings with a wide variety of flats to invest in.

    Types of Flats in Nazimabad

    There are a plethora of properties available in Nazimabad to choose from if you are looking to buy one. Some of the residential projects in this part of the city are totally flats based that are usually comprised of compounds, parking spaces, activity areas and obviously some apartment buildings. Whether you are in search of a 1-, 2- or a 3-bedroom flat, you will, for sure, manage to find the unit of your choice. Flats with contemporarily styled kitchens, living areas and dining rooms are also found in neighbourhoods across Nazimabad.

    Sale Price Trends for Flats in Nazimabad

    As is the case with most of the areas in Karachi, the flats in Nazimabad are generally priced according to the number of bedrooms and living conditions. For example, the sale price of a 1-bedroom flat in Nazimabad is usually around 25,00,000 and is more suitable for bachelors. Increasing your budget a bit, you might be able to own a 2-bedroom apartment, the lowest price of which is around PKR 28,00,000 and at the same time, the highest price of it can go up to PKR 1,00,00,000. The location of a flat significantly affects its value.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Nazimabad

    There are dozens of schools, universities and colleges in the area of Nazimabad. The Educators, Sadiq Public School, St Lawrence Grammar School, Usman Public School, Jinnah University for Women, Bahria Foundation College and Dr. Ziauddin University North Campus are a few important names to be mentioned here. There are many renowned medical institutions like Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, City Dental Hospital Baqai and AO Clinic. Most of the hospitals mentioned above are famous all over Karachi.

    Facilities & Security in Nazimabad

    Nazimabad is one of the busiest parts of Karachi. It has a lot of facilities available for its residents. Some of the most popular public parks include Shalimar Park, Shamsi Family Park and Gol Market Park. Almost all of the famous banks that operate in Karachi have their branches in Nazimabad. Annu Bhai Park, also known as Nazimabad Gymkhana, is a very famous recreational club in the area. Police force belonging to Paposh Police Station is responsible to look after the security situation in Nazimabad.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Nazimabad

    Saima Paari Mall, Madni Mall, Dolmen Mall Hyderi, Serena Mobile Market and Gol Market are some of the most famous shopping destinations that serve shoppers belonging to not only Nazimabad but also other areas. There are also numerous standalone shops found in different parts of Nazimabad serving as grocery stores, milk shops and pharmacies. Dining out in Nazimabad is a fun experience, especially when you have a lot of famous food spots around such as Donsil Food Street, Hardees, Havabite, Chaska Food, Peshawari Ice cream & Fast Food.

    Reasons for Investing in Nazimabad

    The value of properties in Nazimabad is constantly increasing as these have felt a direct and very positive impact being a part of the real estate industry of Karachi that is rapidly progressing. The rates of rental apartments have also gone up, which is another important factor considered by people who are interesting in buying a flat in Nazimabad. The availability of different types of residential projects makes the whole experience of purchasing flats in Nazimabad even more interesting.