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Buying a House in Nazimabad

Nazimabad, one of the oldest and most developed areas of K-Town, is located in District Central. The neighbourhood is surrounded by Mujahid Colony, Civil Lines, Liaquatabad Town, Hasrat Mohani Colony, Ashraf Colony, and North Nazimabad. It was developed around 1952, primarily for people who had migrated from India after 1947. 

Currently, it is considered one of the most populated residential areas in the city and buying a house in Nazimabad is considered as a very valuable investment. Its population is more than 1 million, consisting of many ethnicities, mainly including Muhajirs, Bohris, Pakhtuns, Kashmiris, Balochs, Memons, Punjabis, Sindhis and Seraikis. If you’re looking to buy a house in the area, you need to remember that residential units in Nazimabad are spread over five blocks. So, do your research before making a decision.

Types of Houses in Nazimabad

There are varieties of both older and new houses in Nazimabad. From single-storey to triple-storey and from traditional to contemporary, you have a lot of choices. Block 4 has the highest number of houses available for sale. However, the older blocks 1, 2, 3, also have some suitable options. Plot sizes in Nazimabad start at 120 sq. yd. If built on two floors, 120 sq. yd. houses are spacious enough, however, if you have a bigger family, you have the freedom to choose from 240, 500, and even 1000 sq. yd.

Sales Price Trend for Houses in Nazimabad

Since Nazimabad has residents belonging to upper-middle-income groups, properties are slightly more expensive than areas like Malir and Shah Faisal Town. 120 sq. yd. houses in Nazimabad start at PKR 1 crore and can cost up to PKR 2 crore. The sales price of 240 sq. yd. houses in Nazimabad is between PKR 2 crore and PKR 4.5 crore and for 500 sq. yd. units, the asking price range is from PKR 4 to 7 crore and in 1000 sq. yd. category, the prices can be as low PKR 6 crore as and as high as 12 crore.

Facilities & Security in Nazimabad

Nazimabad is a well-planned area, but its infrastructure is in dire need of improvement because it is getting too crowded. Power supply, courtesy of K-Electric, is quite alright, however, water supply, courtesy of KWSB, can be a little problematic. People hire tankers to deal with this issue. The town has branches of almost all of the major banks in the city. Furthermore, Nazimabad has several recreational places like Al Farooq Cricket Ground, Shaheed Hasan Mohsin Naqvi Park, and The Wildlife Experience Centre.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Nazimabad

Nazimabad has a good mix of public and private schools. From co-ed to single-gender schools, the neighbourhood offers a wide variety. The most popular schools are Major Zia-Ud-Din Abbasi Elementary School, Happy Dale School, The Educators, The City Foundation School, Smart School system, and Rashid Minhas Primary and Secondary School. This area is also home to Jinnah University for Women.

The town has enough hospitals to provide immediate treatments to those in need. Consisting of both private and government sector hospitals, healthcare in Nazimabad is adequate. The top facilities include Dr Ziauddin Memorial Hospital, City Dental Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Al-Khidmat Hospital and Maternity Home, and Dow University Hospital.

Shopping & Restaurants in Nazimabad

Residents of Nazimabad have endless choices to shop from. Bazaars, malls, and local streets offer different varieties of houseware, furniture, clothes, and accessories. For clothes, people can visit places like Mustafa Cloth Market and Muhammadi Cloth Centre. Saima Pari Mall and Dolmen Mall are also present nearby.

Block 5 of this area is teeming with eateries. People from neighbouring areas frequently visit the area to get a taste of its culinary energy. Of all such spots in Nazimabad, the popular ones are Bismillah Restaurant, United Biryani Centre, Food Station, Mr Burger, Dim Sum Snacks, The Foodist, Chaska Foods, and Shalimar Snacks.