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      • al_hadi_garden_32452. jpg
        locationAl-Hadi Garden - BahawalpurAl Hadi GardennewStarting from
        PKR6.01 Lakh
        Residential Plots19.1 Lakh - 36.2 Lakh5 Marla - 10 Marla
      • rahat_garden_28420. jpg
        locationQadirpur Ran - MultanRahat GardennewStarting from
        PKR11.9 Lakh
        Residential Plots34 LakhFrom 10 Marla
      • bukhari_villas_42985. jpg
        locationMattital Road - MultanBukhari VillasnewStarting from
        PKR10.8 Lakh
        Residential Plots10.8 LakhFrom 3 Marla
      • PKR70 Thousand

        Model Town A, Bahawalpur
        7 Marla

        7 Marla House For rent In Model Town A Model Town A

        Double Story House, Properties in M
        Added: 1 week ago(Updated: 1 week ago)
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      Renting a House in Bahawalpur

      With a population of more than 700,000, Bahawalpur is located in Southern Punjab, near Multan. The city of Bahawalpur is actually part of a district that shares its name. The district contains the cities of Hasilpur, Yazman, Khairpur Tamewali, and Ahmedpur Shargia with Bahawalpur City as its district head. With a largely urban population, the city is gradually seeing a boom in its industrial sectors. From textile weaving to oil mills, packaging factories, and flour mills, a number of industries are now ensuring not just growth for the city, but also more employment opportunities for the locals. For those moving here for better employment, the real estate in Bahawalpur offers a wide range of rental options. From rental properties to buying land, there is a lot to recommend this cultural gem as your new choice of residence.

      Types of Houses in Bahawalpur

      As a new resident in Bahawalpur, you may not be eager to immediately buy a property until you have a better idea of which locality will suit your long-term requirements the best. If that is the case, renting is the next best option. Rental properties in Bahawalpur can generally be found as 3, 5, 10 and 15 Marla units. Larger homes of 1 to 3 Kanal can also be found here. The areas where you can rent houses in Bahawalpur are Model Town A and Khayaban-e-Ali Housing Society.

      Rent Price Trend for Houses in Bahawalpur

      With a further potential for growth, the city’s real estate is sure to see a rise in the coming years. However, a 3 marla house can cost about PKR 7 thousand to 12 thousand in rent monthly, while a 5 marla rental house costs PKR 9 thousand to 70 thousand in monthly rent. A 10 marla house may charge rent of about PKR 10 thousand to 1.7 lakh monthly, but the rental prices vary based on not just the locality of the home, but also on the facilities provided by the landlord within the rental accommodation. Accordingly, a 15 Marla house might have a monthly rent of between PKR 25 thousand and 97 thousand, while a 1 Kanal home in Bahawalpur might be up for rent with a monthly cost of PKR 22 thousand to 2.5 lakh. Similarly, the rents for a 3 kanal home here varies between PKR 2 lakh to 4 lakh monthly.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Bahawalpur

      While Bahawalpur Hospital and Civil Hospital cater to the residents’ medical needs, their need for good quality education for their children is met by schools like The Educators, by colleges like Kips College Bahawalpur and by Universities like Islamia University.

      Facilities & Security in Bahawalpur

      Bahawalpur is a city in Punjab that is known for its rich history that has left many architectural marvels behind. It is also considered to be among the safer cities in Punjab, with residents enjoying complete peace of mind in terms of security. Although the city has been on the map from 1748 onwards, the Abbasi family ruled over the city until 1955. Being under the rule of Nawabs for a long time, there are several palaces within the city that are truly worth a visit. Built between 1872 and 1875, Noor Mahal is one of them, while Sadiq Garh Palace and Darbar Mahal are two of the other palaces worth visiting.

      Amid the historical monuments is also the famed fountain in Bahawalpur that had been gifted to Nawab Sadiq Khan Abbasi by Queen Victoria in 1880. The fountain had initially been placed within the lands of Sadiq Garh Palace but it was later shifted to its new location at the Central Chowk of Bahawalpur. At a height of 10 feet, the fountain is now the city’s most known landmark. The locals call the area Fawara Chowk or Fountain Square.

      The city is near the Cholistan Desert, offering a range of activities and day trips on the sandy dunes. Families can choose to rent a four-wheeler and head towards Derawar Fort in the midst of the desert. The four-hour journey takes you through the sandy surroundings towards this 800-year-old fort which is still in perfect condition. The area is also well known for the Jeep Rally that is held each year. Racers from all over come to Bahawalpur to witness and take part in the event.

      Other sporting events held here include cricket and hockey matches. The Bahawal Stadium is home to the Bahawalpur Stags, a T20 cricket team and matches are held on the home ground during the league. The nearby hockey stadium has also been host to several international matches. Locals can also enjoy themselves in the pool and gym present within the stadium grounds. Photographers and animal lovers can also find plenty of wildlife if they head to the nearby national park of Lal Suhanra that has around 400 animal species living within their natural habitat.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Bahawalpur

      Another monument within the city that holds significance is Fareed Gate, which is the gate of the old city of Bahawalpur. The gate is now the entrance way to the city’s bazaar, where handicrafts and artwork can be found. From Kundan jewellery to Mukesh dupattas and Ajraks, the region is known for its handmade goods. Shopping trips can also be enjoyed to the cities many malls including the Mall of Bahawalpur, while fast-food franchises and high-end restaurants can cater to your appetite for Pakistani as well as Chinese food. A few of these eateries are Libra Valley, Bar B Q Tonight, Subway and McDonald’s.

      Reasons for Renting in Bahawalpur

      While everyone wants to own their own home, you might not be comfortable in making a large investment as soon as you decide to move. Renting a home in Bahawalpur then becomes the next best option, as these properties offer a good quality of life and, most importantly, allow you to move in immediately, ensuring that your work and family does not suffer.

      Renting also helps people manage their finances in a better manner, as they are clear on the costs of living within a residence, without having to worry about the urgent repairs that are their landlord’s responsibility. Bahawalpur’s rental market provides you with the freedom to choose the house size and locality you prefer without the stress of a long-term commitment, which can be ideal for you if that is what you are looking for.