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      • Platinum Homes DHAM
        locationMattital Road - MultanPlatinum Homes DHAMnewStarting from
        PKR1 Crore
        HousesUp to 1 CroreFrom 5 Marla
      • Al-Raheem Villas
        locationNawabpur Road - MultanAl-Raheem VillasnewStarting from
        PKR35 Lakh
        Residential Plots35 Lakh - 70 Lakh5 Marla - 10 Marla
      • bukhari_villas_42985. jpg
        locationMattital Road - MultanBukhari VillasnewStarting from
        PKR10.8 Lakh
        Residential PlotsFrom 12.6 LakhFrom 3.5 Marla
      • Centrally Located House In DHA Defence - Villa Community Is Available For sale
        PKR2.15 Crore
        DHA Defence - Villa Community, DHA Defence
        12 Marla

        Centrally Located House In DHA Defence - Villa Community Is Available For sale

        12 Marla Corner+Extra Land Villa Av
        Added: 1 day ago
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      Buying a House in Bahawalpur

      Bahawalpur is the 11th largest city of Pakistan and is located in Punjab near the cultural hubs of Uch Sharif and Multan. While the city was established officially in the mid-1700s, traces of settlements go as far back as the Indus Valley Civilisation. Modern history shows that Bahawalpur was the ruling of Nawabs and thus, there are several Mahals within the city that provide a glimpse of its glory days. With a population of about 700,000 (as per the Census conducted in 2017), the city boasts a large urban settlement with plenty to attract homebuyers to the region.

      Types of Houses in Bahawalpur

      Most of the people in Bahawalpur choose to live in a house rather than apartments. This is why there are plenty of options available when people are looking for a house for sale in Bahawalpur. The size of the house you choose depends entirely on your preference, as Bahawalpur offers 2 Marla, 3.3 Marla, 5 Marla and even 10 Marla homes for sale. For larger properties, 1 Kanal and 3 Kanal properties can also be found within Bahawalpur. The two main areas where you can find houses are Jhangi Wala Road and Rafi Qamar Road. Aside from these, if you are looking for a housing project in which you can invest, Shadman City and Khayaban-e-Ali Housing Society offer plenty of options to browse through.

      Sale Price Trends for Houses in Bahawalpur

      Before investing in real estate in Bahawalpur, determine the size of the house that you will need to meet your family’s requirements. The selling price of a 2 marla Bahawalpur house can be anywhere between PKR 12 to 25 lakh. A 3.5 Marla home can cost PKR 10 to 50 lakh, while a 5 marla house in Bahawalpur might be on the market for PKR 13 lakh to 1.5 Crore. 10 marla houses can be bought for around PKR 50 lakh to 3 Crore. Larger properties include a 1 Kanal house for PKR 70 lakh to 7 Crore and 3 Kanal properties for PKR 3.9 Crore to 10 Crore.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Bahawalpur

      Schools like Sadiq Dane High School (Government Boys High School) and The Educators are located within Bahawalpur, with Quaid-e-Azam Medical College and others offering higher education. Islamia University and the University of Central Punjab also have campuses locally. Army Public School and College Bahawalpur is also equally popular with families of the armed forces personnel as well as civilians. Some of the hospitals in the city are Civil Hospital, Bahawalpur Hospital and Al-Shifa Hospital.

      Facilities & Security in Bahawalpur

      Bahawalpur has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and fun-filled activities. Being historically rich, a number of attractions are present within the city that the residents can enjoy. A few of the palaces that showcase the city’s past are Noor Mahal, Gulzar Mahal, Darbar Mahal, and Sadiq Garh Palace. Families can enjoy the day at Bahawalpur Zoo, which was established in 1942 and contains a large variety of animals. Being on the edge of the Cholistan Desert, day trips from the city into the desert are also a possibility. The desert is home to the famous Derawar Fort that is nearly 800 years old and boasts amazing architectural brilliance. A trip to Bahawalpur Museum is sure to be enlightening for the young ones as well, as the museum’s collection contains artistic, historical and archaeological relics of the region.

      The city is also home to one of South Asia’s largest national parks, Lal Suhanra National Park. The park contains a lake, as well as encompasses parts of a forest and the desert. While camping overnight is an experience not to be missed, the major attraction for tourists is the lion safari, which allows them to see the creatures up close, in their natural habitat. The park contains small animals like porcupines, hares, fox, owls and hawks, but also has a pair of Rhinoceros gifted to the park by the Government of Nepal. A total of more than 400 species of animals can be found here. Proper care is taken of all the animals within the park and hunting is prohibited.

      Sports fans in Bahawalpur will not be disappointed either. The Bahawal Stadium in the city is a cricket stadium that is home to the local T20 cricket team, the Bahawalpur Stags. The team plays in the international T20 championship held in the country. The stadium also offers a gym and a pool for the use of the residents of the city. The Motiullah Hockey Stadium is also a host to national as well as international hockey matches, thus allowing hockey fans to watch the matches live from their home ground. As the city has low crime levels, thanks to the active CPLCs, residents can safely travel within town and enjoy themselves with their families.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Bahawalpur

      The city of Bahawalpur is home to many malls and traditional bazaars, making shopping for essentials quite easy. A few of the famous bazaars include Shahi Bazaar and Machli Bazaar, where local craftsmen sell their handicraft work to tourists and locals alike. The region is known for its handicraft. In fact, from carpets to pottery and embroidery, Bahawalpur is home to a number of local craft industries. There is a range of unique products that you can get here within the local markets, such as Chunri and Mukesh dupattas, Kundan jewellery and clay pottery. Eating out in Bahawalpur is a pleasure as residents can find everything from fast food to desi delicacies. Head to your nearest McDonald’s or dine in style at Bar B Q Tonight. Subway also has branches here and for, Chinese, Libra Valley should be your destination.

      Reasons for Investing in Bahawalpur

      With lots of options available for home buying in Bahawalpur, finding the right property depends entirely on your particular needs. From a 2 to 5 Marla residence to properties of up to 3 Kanal, Bahawalpur’s real estate offers abundant choices when it comes to home buying and investing. Being centrally located within the province of Punjab, it also provides investors with easy commute routes. Geographically, it contains diverse terrains and entertainment to suit all age groups and personalities, ensuring that your days off are spent in doing something you love.

      The region is also rich agriculturally, with the main crops of Bahawalpur being rice, cotton, sugarcane, wheat, mangoes, potatoes and more. The industrial sector is seeing expansion as well, with flour mills, oil mills, sugar factories, and textile weaving being some of the many industries that are flourishing here. With the boost to its industrial sector, Bahawalpur’s economy will also see a rise in job opportunities and this is, thus, the perfect time to move here if you are considering a shift in employment or a home move for the family.