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      • Aziz Skyline
        locationSurjani Town - Gadap TownAziz SkylinenewStarting from
        PKR44.63 Lakh
        FlatsUp to 53.05 LakhFrom 630 sqft
      • Palm Dreams
        locationKarachi Golf City - KarachiPalm Dreams KarachinewStarting from
        PKR22.88 Lakh
        Residential PlotsUp to 22.88 LakhFrom 1,125 sqft
      • PKR7 Lakh
        M. A. Jinnah Road, Karachi
        2,200 sqft

        Brand new shop for rent on main MA. JINNAH road Saddar

        ground 2200sqft mezzanine 2200sqft
        Added: 13 hours ago
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      Shops for Rent in Karachi

      Karachi is the most populous city of Pakistan and spreads over 3,780 km² of land. The ‘City of Lights’ is indexed as the 12th largest city in the world by the United Nation (UN). Being a port city, Karachi is the main hub of important economic activities in the country. As per recent estimates, the city houses at least 15.4 million people, allowing you to take full advantage of the thriving commerce activities, if you rent a shop in Karachi. Additionally, the existence of Port Bin Qasim and Port of Karachi — the two largest seaports of Pakistan that process almost 95% of all the country’s international trade — enable you to take part in any business or commerce activity.

      Why rent a shop in Karachi?

      Karachi has been at the epicenter of major commercial activities for over decades. Renting a shop in Karachi allows you to take maximum advantage of the prime opportunity that the city is offering. Moreover, people have a tendency to establish their business near the existence of similar commercial activities. When renting a shop in Karachi, keep the growth and expansion prospects in mind as a future-proofing step. The metropolis offers great commercial opportunities, which are diverse to such an extent that the scope becomes limitless — take ample advantage of the existing space between ‘demand and supply’ operations. Despite the unlawfulness in some parts of the city, the largest economic activities in the country still take place in this metropolis. Renting a shop in Karachi enables you with easy business operations and expansion prospects. 

      What are the types of Shops available for Rent in Karachi?

      Karachi, being the most populous city and the central economic hub of Pakistan, provides more than enough space for you to find a place for yourself and your business. These immense and highly diverse opportunities allow you to observe the extent of the commercial activities carried out here in the available market spaces, and generate amazing turnovers for your shop.

      Types of Shops Available for Rent in Karachi
      12 sq ft — 50 sq ft 50 sq ft — 100 sq ft
      100 sq ft — 150 sq ft 150 sq ft — 250 sq ft
      250 sq ft — 500 sq ft Showrooms & Plaza floors
       (500 sq ft — 5,000 sq ft)

      What is the Rental Price Trend of Shops in Karachi?

      The overall rental price range for shops in Karachi falls between PKR 3.5 thousand and PKR 45 lakh. The shops up for rent in Karachi (spanning over land size upto 50 sq ft) can be found within a price bracket of PKR 4 thousand and PKR 75 thousand. Shops for rent in Karachi of sizes 50 sq ft to 100 sq ft will cost you from PKR 5 thousand and PKR 50 thousand. Shops of sizes 100 sq ft to 250 sq ft will cost you from a monthly package of PKR 3.5 thousand and PKR 1.5 lakh. Similarly, the shops available for rent in Karachi of sizes 250 sq ft to 500 sq ft costs a monthly of PKR 17 thousand and PKR 5 lakh, whereas the showroom shops for rent in Karachi cost PKR 9 thousand to PKR 45 lakh.

      It is, however, pertinent to mention here that the shops located on the ground floor, or having a front display, situated on the main road, and/or corner units have a higher price range than the shops located deep within a well-saturated marketplace. Moreover, the shops for rent in Karachi’s developed and well-known commercial hubs are, needless to say, more expensive as compared to those shops for rent, which are in less developed areas.