Taiser Town Karachi Area Guide

The metropolitan area of Karachi is home to countless residential communities. One such locality, Taiser Town is located in Scheme 45. Situated at a prime location on the north-eastern side of the city, the Town offers viable housing options for people belonging to middle-income segments of society. Spanning across an area of 14,446 acres, housing options in Taiser Town Karachi were developed as compensation for residents of areas near the Lyari River who were asked to relocate. Its developers, the Malir Development Authority are behind numerous highly successful housing communities. Taiser Town offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and luxury. The housing project features a modern infrastructural development that complements its abundant green spaces.

What are the facilities & amenities offered by Taiser Town Karachi?

Taiser Town, a densely populated area hosts many bus stations which have routes spanning numerous prominent localities of the city. Each block of the Town hosts its own mosque, which makes performing religious obligations less physically challenging for its residents. As a part of Scheme 45, residents of Taiser Town have access to many reputable educational institutions. Also, the Scheme is home to several notable hospitals and clinics that offer the best healthcare facilities, emergency services, and highly qualified medical personnel. The many lush green parks in the vicinity offer a refreshing and relaxing environment for the residents of Taiser Town. Additionally, the housing community offers its residents ease of access to countless lifestyle facilities including restaurants, fitness centers, salons, and spas.

Where can I find a Property for sale in Taiser Town Karachi?

Taiser Town readily offers houses available for sale ranging in sizes from 60 sq yds to 120 sq yds. A 120 sq yds house here has a buying price fluctuating between PKR 22 lakh and PKR 1.85 crore. This prominent fluctuation in the asking price of houses available for sale is influenced by factors such as the covered area of the housing unit and its proximity to commercial markets. Commercial plots are available for sale in Taiser Town Karachi that range in sizes from 80 sq yds to 400 sq yds. A 120 sq yds commercial plot for sale here can cost you anywhere from PKR 15 lakh to PKR 1.5 crore.

Why should I invest in a Property for sale in Taiser Town Karachi?

The above-mentioned facilities and the ideal location of Taiser Town attract genuine buyers from all over the city. Commercial properties available for sale here are ideal for a diverse range of business activities. Venture capitalists can also gain lucrative profits by investing in a property in the Town. The presence of many developed housing projects in Scheme 45 is an added advantage for genuine buyers and investors alike.

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