Abdullah City Islamabad Overview

Abdullah City is one of the few societies in Pakistan that can be considered a metropolis. Abdullah City is a superbly constructed and masterfully managed neighbourhood that provides the best features and amenities. This society is specifically built to meet people's opulent demands.

The construction team put their skills to work giving the neighbourhood a distinct identity, complete with intriguing and lovely monuments that appeal to both residents and visitors. Farmhouses, traditional bungalow types with big land layouts, affordable homes, and luxurious lifestyles all work together to create the most adaptable and diversified community.

Abdullah City Payment Plan

Many communities offer modern architecture and upscale amenities, but Abdullah City combines all of these features together with a very reasonable payment schedule. Therefore, the prospective buyers will find the plot prices affordable and easier to pay in monthly, and quarterly instalments. Also, buyers can avail of discounts on lump sum payments.

Abdullah City Residential Plots Price

Abdullah City offers residential plots in all blocks at a very reasonable price. Following are the details of residential plots for sale:

5 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 1,599,000
  • Booking = PKR 150,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 75,000
  • Allocation = PKR 75,000
  • Monthly Instalment = PKR 17,000
  • 6 Month Installment = PKR 60,000

10 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 2, 799,000
  • Booking = PKR 250,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 125,000
  • Allocation = PKR 125,000
  • Monthly Installment = PKR 33,000
  • 6 Monthly installment = PKR 90,000

1 Kanal

  • Total Price = PKR 4,999,000
  • Booking = PKR 500,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 250,000
  • Allocation = PKR 250,000
  • Monthly Installment = PKR 60,000
  • 6 Month Installment = PKR 140,000

Abdullah City Commercial Plots Price

Society has also begun booking commercial plots. These commercial plots will prove very beneficial for investors in terms of rental yield and high ROI. Following is the pricing plan of commercial plots for sale in Abdullah City:

3 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 4,999,000
  • Booking = PKR 450,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 200,000
  • Allocation = PKR 200,000
  • Monthly Installment = PKR 55,000
  • 6 Month Installment = PKR 180,000

8 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 10,800,000
  • Booking = PKR 800,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 350,000
  • Allocation = PKR 350,000
  • Monthly Installment = PKR 135,000
  • 6 Month Installment = PKR 350,000

1 Kanal

  • Total Price = PKR 21,900,000
  • Booking = PKR 1,500,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 750,000
  • Allocation = PKR 750,000
  • Monthly Installment = PKR 215,000
  • 6 Month Installment = PKR 1,050,000

Abdullah City Farmhouses Plots Price

Abdullah city offers grand space for farmhouses. You can buy a plot for a farmhouse in this society away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The price range for farmhouse plots is as follows:

5 Marla

  • Total price = PKR 3,500,000
  • Membership = PKR 20,000
  • Booking = PKR 500,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 250,000
  • Allocation = PKR 250,000
  • Monthly installment = PKR 30,000
  • 6 Month installment = PKR 75,000

10 Marla

  • Total price = PKR 4,950,000
  • Membership = PKR 30,000
  • Booking = PKR 700,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 300,000
  • Allocation = PKR 300,000
  • Monthly installment = PKR 35,000
  • 6 Month installment = PKR 150,000

20 Marla

  • Total price = PKR 7,950,000
  • Membership = PKR 50,000
  • Booking = PKR 1,000,000
  • Confirmation = PKR 400,000
  • Allocation = PKR 400,000
  • Monthly installment = PKR 60,000
  • 6 Month installment = PKR 250,000

Abdullah City Location

Abdullah City’s ideal location is one of its key attractions. Both investors and residents will find it excellent. Abdullah City is located on the main Ghous-e-Azam Road, Rawalpindi. This site is highly accessible for residents because it is close to the M2 highway, the CPEC Route, and the airport. The residents of Abdullah City Rawalpindi may easily access numerous renowned educational institutions, parks, and commercial centres.

Abdullah City Access Points

Abdullah City is connected to a motorway, making it conveniently accessible from both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The following is a list of the main entry points into society:

  • 5 minutes from Chakri Interchange
  • 15 minutes from Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza
  • 15 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 10 minutes from Thalian Interchange
  • 15 minutes from Ring Road
  • 15 minutes from Dhamial Camp

Abdullah City Nearby Societies

Abdullah City has an advantageous location, putting it close to several other notable societies. It is also considered a safe residential area due to its well-established gated community. The following is a list of societies found close to Abdullah City:

Abdullah City Owners & Developers

Abdullah City is developed by Aziz Builders and Developers - an infrastructure development and construction firm that specialises in civil works, building and construction, and power infrastructure.

Aziz Builders and Developers are renowned for their work over many years. Their development projects are famous because of the low carbon footprint features as follows

  • Smart Living
  • Eco-Construction
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Skilled Execution
  • Attractive Location
  • Modern Technology
  • Awarded Design

They have around 5 completed projects, 10 ongoing projects and 5 upcoming projects making them the best in the industry. Following are their successful projects:

  • Royal Gate Paradise
  • The Oak Paradise
  • V9 Mall

Abdullah City NOC & Permission

Abdullah City has not yet received a NOC (as construction yet has to begin), but it will become a legitimate housing society soon. Society is expected to gain its legal status any time now because of the numerous investment prospects and ambitious plans.

Abdullah City Masterplan

Like any other modern society, Abdullah City will offer its citizens opulent apartment blocks. Abdullah City will have Gold View Residence surrounded by a golf club, main residential blocks, and waterfront residential blocks. All these blocks will consist of plots ranging from 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. In addition to these, Abdullah City will also feature a central commercial district, high-rise apartments, and farmhouses.

Abdullah City Residential Plots

Abdullah City will be a gated neighbourhood with broad carpeted roads, making the neighbourhood the ideal place to live in twin cities. Currently, Abdullah City is accepting reservations for the following plots, each of which is surrounded by modern but eco-friendly amenities:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Abdullah City Commercial Plots

Abdullah City is a massive housing development spanning approximately 35,000 Kanal. The majority of the land is acquired for spacious development. Investment in commercial real estate is a winner for investors. Abdullah City is selling the following commercial plots:

  • 3 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Abdullah City Farmhouses

One of the unique and distinctive features of this grand housing project is the development of farmhouses. Abdullah City offers farmhouses facing the Oasis Project by the society. The farmhouses plot size available for sale is as follows:

  • 3 Kanal
  • 5 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal
  • 16 Kanal

Abdullah City Booking Procedure

If you're interested in purchasing a plot in Abdullah City, you may contact them via their website or by visiting one of their booking offices located throughout Pakistan's major cities. Their representatives are available to answer your questions. Verify all the information with the sales representatives before making a reservation for a plot.

Abdullah City Document Requirement

You can find out the booking requirements by meeting the sales agents available in the booking offices. The main documents required are the following:

  • 2 passport size photographs
  • 2 copies of the ID Card
  • 2 copies of the ID Card of Nominate

Amenities and Facilities of Abdullah City

Abdullah City is a remarkable housing development that stands alone as a full-fledged metropolis. This project has undergone much consideration and preparation to serve as the gold standard for all upcoming high-end developments around the nation. The master-planned community combines residential amenities with facilities for education, healthcare, retail, business, hospitality, and entertainment, all supported by top-notch infrastructure and security measures.

Gated Community

Abdullah City is a gated neighbourhood that is guarded around the clock. A security team carefully monitors each unit of society. Each block has a squad of guards assigned to it to ensure safety.

Wide Carpeted Roads

Abdullah City provides quick access to and from all of the city's key areas thanks to its well-organised network of wide, smooth, carpeted roadways. Travelling throughout Abdullah City is easy and quick thanks to its expressways-like roads.

Ample Green Spaces

With its recreational parks, cricket grounds, and football fields, this society stands out for its abundance of green space. The entire town is surrounded by beautiful greenery, giving it a natural feel.

International Standard Education System

The goal of Abdullah City is to play a major role in improving Pakistan's future and is founded on the belief that a well-educated population is essential to this goal. Society has made plans to establish educational institutes that will be staffed by the best educationalists to facilitate objective learning.

Grand Mosque

A grand mosque has already been built, which is the second largest mosque in the city after Faisal Mosque. This magnificent mosque and a 5 Kanal girls' madrasa are both situated on a 20Kanal plot. Both the mosque and the madrasa are exquisitely built, with spectacular architecture and opulent fixtures.


Abdullah City is providing state of the art facilities and services in farmhouses. All the farmhouses will be within a gated society with a walled and secured community, quality roads and full other facilities.

8-Holes Golf Club

Golf is a sport enjoyed by a great number of people all around the world and even in Pakistan, a dedicated community spend quality time outdoors for more healthy leisure. Keeping this in mind, Abdullah City has opened an 8-Hole Golf Club for its residents to use as a source of recreation and enjoyment.

Central Business District

This community has several business centres.. offering a fantastic opportunity for investors to put their money into commercial centres. Many seven-star hotels and restaurants are part of CBD.

Recreational Parks

A large zoo will be built for the residents along with a water theme park. These recreational areas will become recognisable landmarks in society.

International Standard Health Facilities

A hospital, covering a span of 5 Kanal, is already under construction. This hospital will be equipped with the most recent amenities and skilled personnel from throughout the nation. The best thing about this hospital is that it will be free for Abdullah City residents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)