Mpchs g block

Aoa members,
I am new to this forum and need your guidance about invesmenet.Is it worth investing in mpchs g block for good return ?

I will be thank you if you share your expert opinion

Wahaaj malik

It has been discussed on this forum already. Here are the links.

G block is non-posession but 80% development already completed. Prices have already broken records here.

Consider faisal hills instead, I am also planning to move somebof my investment to Faisal Hills as prices are low and once posession comes prices will be equal to B-17 if not more. inshallah.

@imran Sahib I recently bought a plot i G block for investment purpose what you advise ? is it ok to wait for Margalla avenue to built if so how much will be price increase after MA construction and how long MA to complete ?

@wahaaj sb…which plot (size, series, location) you bought? and at what price ? plz share for valuable info

@Wahaaj Malik

Sale it and pick category plot like corner or blvd in Faisal Hills. Than wait for 6 months.

Imran sahib

Is there any specific area of Faisal hills like block etc, and is it a proper cda sector ?