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Allottees Of Sector G-14 Islamabad Complain About Unnecessary Delays And Hurdles

June 21, 2012 • news

According to sources, development work of sector G-14 has not started yet due to the slackness of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration. The affectees or allottees of property in the sector have requested the Chief Justice at Islamabad High Court (IHC) to take serious action in this matter.

Talking to INP, the Action Group of allottees complained against the officers backing land mafia. They told that some eight years ago the housing foundation launched sector G-14 for government employees but the development work has not even started so far in the sector.
The Action Group also highlighted that despite the first stay order by the civil judge and later by IHC, no payments have been made to the affectees by land acquisition collector. They also added that in order to get huge money from national exchequer, officials were being pressured by the land mafia to enter their names in the list of affectees.

Affectees claimed that land requisition collector was asked by the IHC to submit a report on it within 7 days. This report was deliberately submitted late by him to affect the payment process. Faisal Salah Hayat, the Minister of Housing and Works, informed the prime minister that capital administration officers are supporting land mafia and hindering the process intentionally to affect the payments to real affectees.

Allottees have approached the prime minister to take stern action against the hurdles posed by Islamabad administration. They have also appealed to him to ensure the initiation of development work in the sector as soon as possible.