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Benami, women property ownerships rights ordinances promulgated

November 8, 2019 • news

Islamabad: The federal government on Thursday passed a set of legislations – including the benami property whistleblower protection and the women property ownership rights bills – through presidential ordinances, a news source reported. As per details, lawmakers present during the recent National Assembly session observed the introduction of four bills. Later, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs introduced seven additional ordinances.

The ordinances passed by the NA included laws relating to the conversion of the PMDC into the Pakistan Medical Commission, the protection of whistleblowers of benami properties and assets, property ownership rights for women, speedy mechanism for issuance of succession certificates, establishment of legal aid and justice authority to provide justice to the poor, court dress and mode of address to judges, recovery of mortgage-backed securities by financial institutions, and the National Highway Safety Act.

Azam Swati, during a press briefing, shared the details of the ordinances. He explained that one of the legislations was meant to provide legal aid to the poor and those people who could not afford to get services of lawyers.

Further, he said that the whistleblower ordinance is meant to fully protect those who will inform the government about any benami property and asset. Additionally, the informer would get 25 per cent share in recovery on the basis of his information.