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CDA Claimed That Development Work At Park Enclave Will Be Commenced After 21 Days!

April 2, 2012 • news

Farkhand Iqbal, the Chairman of Capital Development Authority, has said that the development work at Park Enclave will be commenced after 21 days. As per source, he said that there will be no further delay in the project and the development work at the site will start exactly after 21 days as per his commitment.

To fulfil his promise, he told that all the previous tendering projects will be cancelled and now the construction contract will be awarded to open tenders. This step is taken to clear all doubts and to show the transparency of the project. He also said that he will call a meeting of CDA board members to cancel the ongoing tenders in a formal way and will call the open tenders.

Park Enclave was a project announced by Imtiaz Inayat Illahi, the former chairman of Capital Development Authority that was claimed to be an environment-friendly model housing project in the heart of Islamabad. The project comprises of 700 housing units in Phase-I and 600 projects in 600 houses in Phase-II. However, the situation became worse when the development was delayed due to a handful of affected people who created disturbance in Park Enclave.

Transparency International Pakistan raised objections on the tendering process of this project and wrote a letter to the CDA. The authority told CDA about the objections, the prequalification criteria set for awarding multi billion project contract and the short-listed contractors.

The CDA is asked to form a committee comprising of members with proper powers to probe into the objections raised by TIP. In response, CDA Chairman constituted a committee to look into the matter. One thing is assured that all grievances and complaints of all the stakeholders will be addressed and removed and one thing is made sure that contact will be awarded openly. Another official told that all issues related to acquisition have been solved and the dues of affected people will be solved within a couple of days.