Day 1 of Zameen.com Property Expo 2016 Lahore proves to be a huge success! - Zameen News

Day 1 of Zameen.com Property Expo 2016 Lahore proves to be a huge success!

December 10, 2016 • news


The clock struck 10:00 am on December 10 and the Zameen.com Property Expo 2016 Lahore (December) began with a bang at the Expo Centre, Johar Town, Lahore.

As exhibitors prepared for a busy day and Team Zameen enthusiastically made sure everything was in order, visitors began to pour in from the get-go. The event got into gear at around 12:00 am as the crowd thickened with a constant buzz of excited visitors exploring various stalls.

Our honourable chief guest Mian Rehman Aziz, Regional Chairman and Vice President of FPCCI, inaugurated the event with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, flanked by Zameen.com CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan and other notable members of Team Zameen.


All top media channels provided full coverage to the opening ceremony.


Our esteemed chief guest then took a round of both Hall 1 and Hall 2 of the Expo Centre, stopping at stalls of interest and inquiring about the progress of important projects.


Zameen.com CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan also presented a commemorative shield to the chief guest for gracing the event with his presence.

The excitement and enthusiasm at the event escalated as the day progressed and what a sight it was! As visitors hustled and bustled for their turn at their stall of interest, other people explored all the new projects on offer, attempting to find the absolutely perfect investment opportunity! The Expo Centre was jam-packed and the energy was clearly palpable!



Visitor response

Day 1 of the Zameen.com Property Expo 2016 Lahore couldn't have been such a huge success without the awesome turnout and exhilarating response of visitors. With a host of options on offer, all visitors had a wonderful time.

“Zameen.com has certainly organised an excellent event. I suggest every person having an interest in the property sector attend the event. I required information about potential societies for investment and I must say that my visit was really worthwhile,” said Abdul Malik Chughtai, who attended the event with his son.


Irfan Saeed seemed really happy with his visit at the event. While conversing with a Zameen.com official, he said: “Such events should be held frequently. I received all the information I required under one roof. The government has imposed taxes on the property sector but these events propel the entire industry forward.”

Farrukh Manzoor came in looking for a plot to build his home and left the Expo Centre with an overwhelming experience. He said that Zameen.com should organise such events regularly in different cities of the country.


Zameen.com Property Expo 2016 Lahore (December) proved that the real estate sector is not male-centric anymore. We met Mrs Khadim Hussain, who came here to get information about Phases IX and X of DHA Lahore. She applauded Zameen.com’s effective marketing strategies to converge a huge crowd of real estate enthusiasts at the Expo Centre.


Real estate projects from cities other than Lahore were also exhibited at the event. Syed Abeer Amir visited the Expo Centre to get information about real estate projects in Gwadar. He, too, sang praises of the event scale and appreciated Team Zameen’s effort for putting on a successful realty affair.


Satisfied Exhibitors

Not only visitors, but also the exhibitors of the Zameen.com Property Expo 2016 Lahore (December) were all smiles!

DHA Bahawalpur was one of the noteworthy exhibitors and the project’s Marketing Director Major Rai Zameer Ahmed commended the overwhelming turnout at the expo. “People already know about DHA Bahawalpur, but here at the event we have been able to interact with targeted customers. The event has provided us an opportunity to answer buyers’ queries about DHA Bahawalpur in detail,” said Zameer Ahmed while conversing with an official of Zameen.com.


Mr Rafaqat Ali Mughal of Melad Builders suggested that Zameen.com should also hold such events in the smaller cities of Pakistan. “Exhibiting at the Zameen.com Property Expo Lahore 2016 (December) has been a great experience. However, we request Team Zameen to organise such realty affairs in smaller cities as well. This event has provided an effective platform for buyer-seller interaction. We came here to market Melad Model Villas and our purpose of exhibiting at the event has been served,” said Rafaqat Ali Mughal.


Real estate agents from other cities also presented projects from their respective cities at the Expo Centre. “We are marketing real estate projects in Faisalabad and Sheikhupura and we are amazed that people living in Lahore are also interested in investing in projects in other cities,” said Talha Basharat of Al-Hameed Associates.

Even the entire team of DHA Multan was excited about today's activities. “Our purpose of exhibiting at the event has been served. Most of the visitors are asking us about the launching date of DHA Multan. We appreciate Zameen.com's efforts, as we have received an overwhelming response today,” said DHA Multan Marketing Manager Umair Ahmed Khan.


Our expos provide an opportunity to real estate agents and developers to establish contacts with potential buyers and investors. In this regard, Malik Javed of Gulf DHA Properties said that he interacted with many discerning buyers today, hoping that this effective interaction will result in mature deals in the future.


Food stalls

A party is not a party without food and our food vendors made sure that our visitors remained refreshed and had access to scrumptious delights. From home-cooked biryani to freshly baked pizzas, the enthusiastic crowd got a stomach full of delicious food and drinks!

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Visitors had to make this a memorable occasion and this could only be done with a few cool snaps at the ever popular iBooth. As visitors posed with family and friends or solo for a super awesome click, their jubilation and excitement was evident!

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Zameen.com Photo Frame

How can we forget our super popular Zameen.com photo frame? Visitors were very happy to pose for a quick click in the well-recognised Zameen photo frame as they explored the investment opportunities up for grabs!

photo-frame-1 photo-frame-5 photo-frame-6 photo-frame-7 photo-frame-9

The busy day was a huge success and exceeded our expectations as well as the expectations of our exhibitors and visitors! The fantastic event came to a close at 8:00 pm, leaving everyone craving for more!

If you didn't get a chance to make it to our happening event today, make sure you do not miss the euphoria tomorrow! We hope to see you there!