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Victims Of Bahria Town Golf City Want Prompt Action

June 19, 2012 • news

According to news, victims of Bahria Town Golf City have made an appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking prompt action in Bahria Town case. Around 250 families are seeking justice for their pieces of land occupied by Bahria Town in Muree Tehsil in Salkhtar area. According to their representatives, the case has not been heard by Rawalpindi bench of Lahore High Court.
They added that Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, The Chief Justice of Pakistan, ordered a judicial enquiry after taking notice in which it supported the victim’s complaints. They also highlighted that despite the proof of illegal transfers and encroachments in several courts, delegated authorities are not taking required action against the developer. This is because the developer has influenced Punjab Government and other political parties.

Mr Mohammad Irfan Abbasi, a Salkhtar political figure, says that while he was in China, Malik Riaz encroached more than 617 kanal land but police refused to register FIR against him. He said that, The Chief Justice instructed Mazhar Minhas, the session judge, to conduct enquiry which revealed that land belongs to me. Bahria Town reported that the case is in progress in Lahore High Court and Supreme Court is waiting for High Court’s decision.

Irfan Abassi also highlighted that Malik Riaz is constructing a hotel on a land bearing Khasra numbers 448/430 which actually belongs to him. A principal of a school in Salkhtar, Javed Akhtar says that Malik Riaz has occupied the land of his forefathers and they are blocking the way to the village. He also highlighted that 42 transfers were challenged against him in civil court Rawalpindi but the judge declared them fake.

He also said that we still could not repossess the land and out of 3,333 kanal land, civil judge has cancelled the ownership of over 3,270 of land belonging to Malik Riaz. Zulekha Bibi, an aged woman, said that her 36 kanal land has been transferred illegally to Bahria Town by Mailk Riaz. On the other hand, Ms Nida, a public relations officer at Bahria Town, says that Bahria Town never goes against the rules. For construction of Golf City, Bahria Town must have been met all the legal requirements.