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Why has the Suki Kanari hydropower project upset residents?

October 27, 2015 • news

Mansehra:  Hundreds of residents whose land was acquired for the Suki Kinari hydropower project rallied in Balakot to demand market price for their land.

The Suki Kinari hydropower project, being constructed on Kunhar River in Kaghan Valley, is estimated to cost $200 million. It has distressed landowners whose land was acquired below market rates.

“We want market price for our land that has been acquired before the start of the construction work,” said Rustam Khan, an angry resident.

He and other protestors gathered at the main chowk with placards and banners, chanting slogans in support of their demands, stated a news source. Besides due compensation for their land, they also stressed on the need for schools, hospitals, colleges, and other public welfare projects in the area.

Ahmed Hussain Shah, another protestor, said residents would not allow more machinery to pass through the area until compensation according to market rates was given.

“The people of Kaghan Valley whose land has been acquired showed flexibility by not creating obstacles for the project,” he said.