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    Flats & Apartments for Sale in North Nazimabad

    Why buy a flat for sale in North Karachi?

    Karachi is the largest and most industrialised city in Pakistan. It is home to the most essential ports of the country, including Port Bin Qasim and the Karachi Port. Furthermore, it features numerous well-designed residential communities such as Bahria Town, DHA City, and New Karachi Township — which is a part of the city’s central district. The aforementioned residential areas offer affordable and well-constructed housing units for sale, while neighbouring the city’s most populated areas — including Gulzarabad Colony, Naya Nazimabad, Buffer Zone, Machar Colony, Rajput Mohalla, and Sukhia Goth. 

    North Karachi connects to several major arteries of the city including Rashid Minhas Road, Anda Mor Road, and Sher Shah Suri Road. Additionally, accredited educational institutions in and around  the said area  mainly include Iqra University, National University of Modern Language, Virtual University, Falcon Grammar School, and Programmer School.  

    Where can I find a flat for sale in North Karachi?

    North Karachi is home to millions of residents that have easy access to numerous facilities and amenities. There are several important markets of Karachi in this area such as Diamond Super Market, Sunday Market, Sunday Birds Market, UP Ashiyana Kapra Market, UP Motorcycle Market, and Baradari Super Market. Buying flats for sale in North Karachi enables you to take full advantage of these nearby facilities, which provides ease of access to almost all the day-to-day requirements of life. Amongst the most popular sectors of North Karachi, the trend of buying flats for sale here is primarily in Sectors 11 A, 4, 7 D, and 5 K.

    Moreover, North Karachi offers both furnished and semi-furnished apartments for sale which are readily available, and range from 1 to 5 bedrooms. The highest number of apartments sold in North Karachi consist of 2 and 3 bedroom flats. The said locality is ideal for buying an apartment for sale due its proximity to the major arteries of Karachi, and commercial zones.

    Types of flats for sale in North Karachi
    1 bedroom 2 bedroom
    3 bedroom 4 bedroom
    5 bedroom

    What is the pricing trend of flats for sale in North Karachi?

    North Karachi provides its residents with numerous benefits such as access to notable educational institutions, grand mosques, lush green mosques, mega malls, and world-class healthcare facilities. 
    Buying flats for sale in North Karachi allows you to take advantage of these aforementioned facilities and amenities — which makes it an ideal place to invest in, or choose it as your final abode.  These highly desirable flats for sale are available for reasonable and affordable prices. The price range of a 2 bedroom flat for sale in North Karachi starts from PKR 60 lakh, while a 3 bedroom apartment approximately costs around PKR 80 lakh. The overall buying price of an apartment for sale ranges from PKR 16 lakh to PKR 2.5 crore. 

    Pricing trend of flats for sale in North Karachi 



    1 bedroom

    PKR 16 lakh — PKR 1.5 crore

    2 bedroom

    PKR 17 lakh — PKR 2.5 crore

    3 bedroom

    PKR 25 lakh — PKR 2 crore

    4 bedroom

    PKR 30 lakh — PKR 90 lakh

    5 bedroom

    PKR 45 lakh — PKR 95 lakh 

    Why invest in a flat for sale in North Karachi?

    North Karachi features a complete infrastructural architecture, that is, well-planned across the board with all its sectors. The affordable flats for sale go up in prices everyday. Its most prominent sectors are 11-A and 11-B. This residential area is very lively due to its proximity to other high-rise apartment buildings and the safety for a complete community lifestyle. There is a surplus of markets in the area for buying daily grocery and household items. Dwellers of the area can conveniently enjoy easy access to various public transportation mechanisms, and large commercial markets. 

    North Karachi has been populated for over two decades and the value of its property units is on the rise ever since. Buying a flat for sale in North Karachi will not only offer a comfortable living environment but also provide access to all necessities of life. Moreover, according to real estate experts, investing in a flat for sale here ensures a high return on investment (ROI). In short, North Karachi is an ideal place for those looking to buy a flat for sale.