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    Why Buy a House in North Nazimabad?

    Karachi is a city which has been home to immigrants since the inception of Pakistan. Thus, it has a rich history with its property market being reflective of this. Properties in Karachi have always been high in demand, with both older and newer localities experiencing buying activity. North Nazimabad is one of the oldest societies in the port city, and was established in 1958 to resettle Muslim refugees after partition took place. It is an official Karachi Development Authority (KDA) scheme and homes for sale in North Nazimabad have always been very popular in real estate market. It is home to around one million people, and has a relatively higher literacy rate and lower crime rate than many other parts of Karachi.

    Types of Houses in North Nazimabad

    North Nazimabad is an established and developed society with a large number of property options. The Block H and Shadman have a large alphabetised blocks start from Block A to Block W, with other blocks including Paposh Nagar, Sakhi Hasan, Nusrat Bhutto Colony, Farooq-e-Azam, Shadman, and Arafat Town. You can look for investment in any of these options. The options in all of the blocks are quite varied, due to the society being established for many years, and being developed ever since. A house for sale in North Nazimabad can be sized anywhere from 450 square feet to as high as 19,000 square feet and even more. A house in North Nazimabad can be found in any size or style you want, with many options for apartments also available. So, whether you want to buy a house or an apartment, the options are quite varied.    

    Sale Price Trend for Houses in North Nazimabad

    A house that is up for sale can be found in a wide range of budget options. Apartments start from as low as PKR 1,600,000, but a house sale price can be as high as PKR 240,000,000. However, a North Nazimabad house usually falls under the PKR 100,000,000 range for even the larger houses. Buying a house in this locality entails immediate possession in almost every case, so you will be making lump sum payments rather than having instalment options. This is because the society is largely developed, so there is construction through most of it, and a house for sale in North Nazimabad can be found without too much of a hassle.   

    Facilities, Shopping & Restaurants in North Nazimabad

    Being a fully developed area to a large extent, North Nazimabad has all kinds of facilities available. All the utility connections are present, and the best schools also have their branches close by for residents of the society. A North Nazimabad Famous eateries here include Nando’s, Arizona Grill, Hardee’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. There are also smaller restaurants and bakeries all around the society. So, buying a house in North Nazimabad means that you can avail a large variety of facilities. A house for sale comes with the benefit of having all the necessities in close proximity.