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    About D.H.A Karachi (Defence)

    DHA Karachi is one of Pakistan's foremost developments, which set the standard for modern housing societies in the country. Ever since its inception in 1980, DHA Karachi has lived up to the expectations of people in terms of providing some of the most invaluable facilities in the country. What originally began as nothing more than a mere housing colony in Karachi quickly turned into one of the most popular societies of Pakistan. While there once was a time when the Defence Housing Authority was limited to Lahore but with the passage of time, the popularity of the society brought it into many different cities including Karachi and Islamabad.

    DHA, which is an acronym for the Defence Housing Authority, came into existence as the result of a Presidential Ordinance, which was issued by the then President Zia-ul-Haq. This ordinance later got the approval of the National Assembly of Pakistan and in 1980, the foundation of D.H.A Karachi was laid. The total area allotted to the authority during that time was 35.82 km2. Karachi DHA, like all other housing societies under the authority, is the perfect epitome of high class living. Just like all modern societies, DHA Karachi brings all the best and healthy aspects of living its residents.

    Studded with basic amenities of life, the society is dotted by a plethora of parks, schools, colleges, and modern recreational clubs. Today, DHA Karachi plays home to well over six lac residents residing in over thirteen thousand residential buildings. The safety offered by Karachi DHA is unprecedented for Pakistan homes. Equipped with some of the best hospitals in the city, DHA Karachi has a web of highways. A well-structured network of roads connects various parts of the city and the society with each other, making it easily accessible from all corners of Karachi.

    DHA Karachi is the hub of some of the highest profiled businesses in the city along with everything best Karachi has to offer. Things like these make property in DHA Karachi highly valuable in terms of its real estate worth. DHA Karachi enjoys a unique position as far as Pakistan property is concerned. For many years now, the city of Karachi has faced major law and order issues. While on one hand, increasing crimes and conflicts have given a bad reputation to the city, societies like DHA Karachi have offered a safe haven to the citizens.

    Today DHA Karachi Pakistan represents one of the most sought-after residential societies in Pakistan real estate. For Karachi real estate as well, several commercial and residential properties located in several of its phases make some of the highest valued properties of the city. If you are looking to rent, buy or even sell your property located anywhere in DHA Karachi Pakistan, Zameen can be the prime spot for you to list and find hundreds of potential customers. So make the wise decision and give Zameen a go for all kinds of D.H.A Karachi properties and get the best value for your asset because Zameen is where all the buyers are.

    Attractions of DHA Karachi

    DHA Karachi, a home to primarily upper class people in Pakistan, offers best communal facilities which make top-notch attractions of this project. Despite that Pakistan real estate is facing turbulent times due to ongoing unrest taking place in the city, DHA Karachi is the only successful project which manages to attract good number of investors because of its superb lifestyle and awe-inspiring attractions.

    DHA devises and implements robust set of strategies to develop DHA Karachi project not only to facilitate its residents but all the Karachiites. This becomes the primary reason why wealthy foreigners as well as locals eye DHA Karachi for real estate investment. Along with unique landscapes, beautiful manicured parks, efficient transportation facilities, best water and waste systems and high safety and security measures, grand recreational facilities like clubs, restaurants, gyms and supermarkets also make the key attractions of DHA Karachi.

    Since the struggle of DHA, to make DHA Karachi the best residential area offering state of the art, peaceful and healthy living to its residents, is an untiring and perpetual preposition so it keeps on upgrading its infrastructure by constructing spectacular real estate attractions from time to time. The top three attractions of DHA Karachi which are a road map to healthy, prosperous and educated living include the following.

    DHA Karachi allows modern students to upgrade their knowledge out of regular course books and also excel in co-curricular activities to compete with the outside world in real sense. It features central library located on main Sunset Boulevard in DHA Phase-II offering access to a huge computerized book inventory, audio visual facilities and speedy internet facilities for extensive research and learning. It also has a full section dedicated to newspapers and periodicals.

    Central Library was established in November 1991 and it also holds seminars, special lectures, dramas, quiz and debate sessions to develop the communication skills in students. Unlike other libraries in Karachi, Central Library Karachi also has a website which is regularly updated with respect to available book inventory, upcoming events, fees of training programs and book rentals.

    Located in DHA Phase VIII Karachi, DHA Creek Club is not only the most prestigious club in Karachi but it is famous in the entire country for featuring best indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. The Creek Club in DHA was established in 1993 and since then it is being operated by the officers of DHA Karachi. Spanning over an area of twenty five and half acres, Creek Club invites members from all over the city and promises to provide exquisite recreational activities which are hard to find anywhere else in Pakistan.

    DHA Creek Club ensures safety and security to all its members and offers them hospitable, friendly and hygienic environment to relax. The club has over 3,700 members and has excellent coffee shops and restaurants providing impeccable services.

    Located in DHA phase V near Zamzama market, Zamzama Park makes the popular choice for residents of DHA Karachi to relax, play and breathe in fresh air. Covering an area of 26 acres, the park provides splendid facilities such as access to skating rink, swings for children, canteen, beverage area, a special garden known as ‘Bonsai Garden’, two jogging tracks each having 1 km length and gymnasium.

    Zamzama Park also features a modern arts museum with the name FOMMA (Foundation for Museum of Modern Art) displaying extensive artwork of various artists. The park opens at 6 am in the morning and closes at 11:30 pm at night but on weekends, closing time is 12:00 pm. Despite offering best spots to relax and admire the beauty of nature, the entry charges for adults and children are very nominal.

    We can say DHA Karachi is a tremendous addition to Pakistan property sector which adds to its lure. If you also want to hunt property in DHA Karachi, explore the extensive property database at Zameen.