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    • Al Rauf Sky Corner
      locationNorth Nazimabad - KarachiAl Rauf Sky CornernewStarting from
      PKR81.49 Lakh
      FlatsUp to 81.49 LakhFrom 122 Sq. Yd.
    • Al Safe Industrial Plots
      locationNational Highway - KarachiAl Safe Industrial PlotsnewStarting from
      PKR3.48 Crore
      Industrial Land3.48 Crore - 16.88 Crore848 Sq. Yd. - 3,206 Sq. Yd.
    • You Can Find A Gorgeous Flat For sale In Allahwala Town - Sector 31-B
      PKR16.5 Lakh
      Allahwala Town - Sector 31-B, Allahwala Town

      You Can Find A Gorgeous Flat For sale In Allahwala Town - Sector 31-B

      This property at this price of Rs.
      Added: 14 hours ago
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    More About Korangi Karachi

    Overview of Korangi Karachi

    Located in the eastern wings of Karachi is the commercial town of Korangi. It lays in the south of Malir River and is a major commercial and industrial hub. Its bordering areas are the Faisal Cantonment, and the famous Shah Faisal Town. To its east lies Bin Qasim Town and towards its west is the Landhi Town. Korangi town is inhabited by many different ethnic groups including the Muhajirs, Sindhis, Pakhtuns, Balochis and Bengalis. Though there are many different ethnic groups residing in this area, 97% of the population is Muslim, thus there aren’t many religious beliefs overlapping each other. The population living in Korangi is estimated to be well over 550,000. In 2009, a new bridge was made in Korangi which directly links the town to the famous Shahrah-e-Faisal, a main area of the city of Karachi.

    Korangi Karachi hosts a lot of residential schemes within its vicinity. The area isn’t that well up to date, but it isn’t run down either. This is due to the fact that there are a few sewage problems that bother residents sometimes. Apart from that, the only thing bothering them would be the quality of the roads, but that is being worked upon right now and more work is promised to be done on the roads and infrastructure to make life much easier for the residents. Further development will make this area a much better residential area of Pakistan real estate sector for people to invest in. If one wishes to buy a plot or house in Korangi Town, it might be hard to find the right one in the right place. But for that purpose, there are real-estate firms which can help you find the right house according to your budget, provided they get their fees. Besides, houses and plots are listed on the internet for sale or for rent, with suitable information about the area. This can make house buying a much easier task.

    Hospitals located in Korangi are equally helping the unwell as any other medical hub. The area hosts some of the major hospitals, such as Indus Hospital, Chiniot General Hospital Korangi No. 2 and Doctor Sultan Hospital Korangi No. 4. These are located all over the area, so residents can reach any hospital in the shortest amount of time to avoid any unfavourable incident, and be able to avail the best services. Korangi has also taken the lead to provide quality education. The residents feel very much contend with the fact that they can send their children to school in the same district as they live in and at the same time provide them with quality education. Living near an industrial and financial hub also means that people do not have to travel far off for work as well as education.

    Apart from the residential facilities, Karachi Korangi is famous for its industrial area. This industrial estate hosts around 4,500 facilities for a wide range of different industries which includes steel, textile, automobile, engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical and flour mills. The area has numerous industrial, commercial and service companies operating so it provides employment for up to 2-3 lac workers, which is a huge figure when taking into consideration the unemployment issues of Karachi, and Pakistan as a whole.

    Around 40% of all leather exports are taken from Korangi industrial area. 7% of all textile exports are also taken from this area. Apart from that, a massive 78% of all crude oil used all over Pakistan is refined in the couple of refineries located in Korangi. It is also starting to show as a financial hub in all of Karachi, due to the fact that around 20 branches of all major and minor banks of Pakistan are located here along many branches of different insurance firms. The growth rate shown by Korangi Industrial Area is unmatched by any other industrial area is all of Sindh.

    Concluding, it can be said that Korangi Karachi is a very promising residential and industrial as well as financial hub in all of Karachi, Sindh and overall Pakistan. Investment in business and most of all residential areas in this town can be very fruitful in the future.