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    Buying a House in Sector G-11

    Sector G-11 is located in Zone 1 of Islamabad and is divided into 4 sub-districts with a central commercial hub or Markaz in the midst. The sector is fully developed and is a thriving residential community. Being adjacent to the Kashmir Highway, Sector G-11 is conveniently connected to the rest of Islamabad. The road network also links it to the National Highway and Peshawar Road. Buying a property in Sector G-11 is thus the ideal choice for those who wish to travel within the country by road.

    Types of Houses in Sector G-11

    Islamabad is a haven for investors as there are a number of investment opportunities within the city. As the country’s capital, it sees an influx of foreigners and development projects regularly, with Zone 1 being the key focus for all types of home buying needs. Sector G-11 in this Zone offers 3, 5, 10 and 12 marla homes for sale. Buying 1 kanal houses in Sector G-11 is a perfect option for a larger family.

    Sale Price Trend for Houses in Sector G-11

    The selling price of homes in Sector G-11 varies based on the size of the house. However, price trends for 5 marla houses in Sector G-11 indicate a rise. Accordingly, 5 marla homes in Sector G-11 can have a sale price between PKR 1.4 and 2.9 crore. For 10 marla houses, the selling prices are from PKR 1.5 to 3.25 crore. However, the price index for 10 marla homes suggests that this is a good time to invest here before a price hike is witnessed. On the other hand, properties of 1 kanal can be bought for PKR 5 to 7.75 crore. G-11/1 is the district where homebuyers need to focus their search, with G-11/2 being a close second.

    Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Sector G-11

    Beaconhouse School System, International School of Cordoba, The Educators, Bahria Foundation School, Al Huda International School and Faran Public School are just a few of many schools that facilitate this sector, while the nearest hospitals are Shifa Medical Centre in Sector F-11 and Maroof International Hospital in Sector F-10. Colleges for intermediate education in the area include Concordia College, Islamabad Model College and others. Universities near Sector G-11 include International Islamic University, NUST, FAST, The Millennium University College and Iqra University.

    Facilities & Security in Sector G-11

    With the neighbouring Sector G-12 being undeveloped, security concerns are prevalent within Sector G-11 and residents prefer to hire guards for their homes or install CCTV cameras to ensure that their property is safe from theft and intruders. The sector does offer convenience to residents as they do not have to travel far to get access to a petrol pump or even a library. G-11 Markaz offers branches of several banks, while also having a PSO Petrol Pump. The CDA Public Library and Reading Hall are also located here, while Sector G-11 is also dotted throughout with small parks and even has its own Multi-Purpose Sports Centre.

    Shopping & Restaurants in Sector G-11

    Ali Baba Foods, Domino’s Pizza, Crispy Broast, Rahat Bakers, Biryani Hut and several other eateries are located within G-11 Markaz. For shopping, Al Rehmat Plaza, Islamabad Arcade and Silver City Plaza are just a few of the major hubs. Sector G-11 also has its own Itwar Bazar, which is open from 7 am to 8 pm every Sunday and offers fresh produce and groceries. Adnan Market is another location where everyday items and groceries can be bought within Sector G-11 with ease.

    Reasons for Investing in Sector G-11

    Sector G-11 provides interested investors with plenty of reasons to buy a house here. Not only is the sector close to major commute routes, but it also offers a number of facilities close by. The area is perfect for families that wish to invest and settle down in Islamabad for a longer term, as it offers schools, parks, playgrounds and is well-maintained overall. There is also a wide variety of homes available here, making it the perfect investment option for your new home.