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Buying a Plot in Clifton

Set in the southern district, Clifton is a high-end residential locality of Karachi. The neighbourhood is surrounded by Defence, Frere Town, and Sultanabad on one side and by the silver-sand beach of ‘Sea View’ on the other. The development of real estate in Clifton began in the late 1970s. Over the past three decades, the area has transformed from a desolate seashore to a bustling residential and commercial society. In fact, this area is set to be the next big central business district of the city after Saddar Town so if you interested in buying land in Karachi, Clifton is a great place to make that investment.

Types of Plots in Clifton

In 1970, Clifton experienced a wave of infrastructural developments, especially related to housing. To this date, the area is expanding. Dozens of houses, apartment complexes, shops and offices emerge in this area almost every year, adding more value to its real estate. Since it’s an older area of the city, and rather well established, it is a little difficult to buy plots in the housing communities. However, there are some parcels of land available in Block 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9. It is important to mention here that the options, in terms of area, are quite limited for plots in residential dwellings. You can only find 500 to 1000 sq yd area sizes. However, once you strike the deal, you immediately receive possession of your property.  

Sale Price Trend for Plots in Clifton

Prices in Clifton’s real estate market speak for themselves. Since it’s an upscale society, investing in plots here is a little expensive. Moreover, land that is closer to commercial areas, like Do Talwar, or foreign consulates has more value. Generally, the sale price range for plots in Clifton spanning around 500 sq. yd. is between PKR 6 to 12 crore. Depending on the location, the selling price of a 1000 sq. yd plot in this community varies between PKR 13 and 35 crore.

Facilities & Security in Clifton

Head offices of multinational companies like Nestle Pakistan, Muller & Phipps, P&G, and Dolmen Group make Clifton a hub for white-collar jobs. While residents do not face a lot of issues with regards to electricity and gas supplies, for water, they are quite dependent on tankers. That said, the area offers many other facilities such as parks, mosques, markets, post office, and check posts. There are also two popular tourist destinations in Clifton, Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Shrine and Mohatta Palace. Since the area is home to residences of foreign officials, the security is tight.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Clifton

If you’re moving to Clifton with children, then you do not have to worry about enrolling them in good schools. Almost every block in the neighbourhood has at least one small campus for primary-level students. Some of the most famous institutions in the area are St. Michael Convent School, Clifton High School, The Smart School, and Beaconhouse School System. For those seeking degrees in their desired majors, there are universities like SZABIST, Indus University, Altamash Dental Institute, Iqra University, and Ziauddin University.

Even in the health sector, Clifton does not lag behind. Some of the best facilities in Karachi like Park Lane Hospital, Central Hospital, South City Hospital, and Ziauddin Hospital are in Clifton.

Shopping & Restaurants in Clifton

You can shop until you drop in Clifton. Sometimes even literally. There are so many places to go for shopping here that you need at least a week to browse through stores and another to decide what to buy. The most popular malls in the area are Dolmen City Mall, which also has a Carrefour, Ocean Mall, Park Towers and The Forum. Clifton is also famous for its food variety. From cafes to fine dining restaurants, Clifton has it all. Some of the most recommended places in the area are Café Aylanto, BBQ Tonight, Café Rotie, Café Flo, Tao, Xander’s, The East End, and Khanji. The neighbourhood has Boat Basin as well, which are lined with local restaurants.