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      • Al Safe Industrial Plots
        locationNational Highway - KarachiAl Safe Industrial PlotsnewStarting from
        PKR3.48 Crore
        Industrial Land3.48 Crore - 16.88 Crore7,632 sqft - 28,854 sqft
      • Al Rauf Sky Corner
        locationNorth Nazimabad - KarachiAl Rauf Sky CornernewStarting from
        PKR81.49 Lakh
        FlatsUp to 81.49 LakhFrom 1,100 sqft
      • PKR30 Thousand

        Wadhu Wah Road, Qasimabad
        1,350 sqft

        New Construction Plaza 4rth Floor Faizan Near Jeejal Maa Hospitaal

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      Renting a Flat in Hyderabad

      Hyderabad, the former capital of the Sindh province, has an ancient history that dates back to the pre-Harappan period. Being the fifth highly populated city of Pakistan and the second largest city of Sindh, the city holds an eminent position on the map of the country. The city is not too large in terms of area and is divided into four administrative divisions, i.e. Rural Taluka, City Taluka, Qasimabad and Latifabad. These four divisions provide key commercial and residential properties in the city. Although Hyderabad started off as a small village, the provincial government has transformed the city into a modern metropolis, following massive development. The city has immense potential in terms of real estate development. However, the massive boost in the property market of neighbouring city Karachi considerably overshadowed progress in Hyderabad's real estate industry. Fortunately, over the past couple of years, a huge amount of investment has poured into Hyderabad’s real estate sector, making it a viable alternative to Karachi’s property market.

      The city houses a large number of people who moved from rural Sindh in search of better economic and educational opportunities; especially low-income groups that could not afford to live in Karachi. Since renting an apartment is far more monetarily feasible than renting a house for such individuals, the demand for renting flats in Hyderabad has surged in recent years. In response, many renowned developers have launched apartment complexes to accommodate the increasing population of the city in a convenient and economical way. For this reason, you can see several apartment projects located in top localities of Hyderabad including Latifabad, Qasimabad, Heerabad, and Saddar.

      Types of Flats in Hyderabad

      Like its neighbouring metropolis, Hyderabad also offers a variety of options when it comes to renting a flat in the city. A majority of the high-rise and mid-rise apartment complexes in the city are concentrated in Qasimabad, Auto Bahn Road and Latifabad. Flats for rent in Hyderabad come in the standard sizes of 2, 3 and 4-bedrooms provisioned with basic utilities such as water, gas, and electricity. Auto Bahn Road is an upscale locality of the city with many apartment complexes offering comfortable accommodation with all local amenities. Flats on Auto Bahn Road are available as 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units with attached bath, a well-equipped kitchen and dining area. Auto Bahn Tower and Salman Tower are the popular apartment towers of Auto Bahn Road.

      Latifabad is on the second number in the list of popular rental localities. The prominent residential apartment units that you should consider renting in Latifabad include the ones in Marium Heights, Mohammad Plaza, Asghar Compass, Ansari Plaza and Summer Arcade. Besides the provision of electricity, gas, and water, flats in any of these areas have adequate facilities such as laundry and garbage collection. Some of the projects also feature 24/7 generator and lift back-up. Parking space is also allocated to the residents under proper security surveillance.

      Rent Price Trends for Flats in Hyderabad

      The rental price trend varies to a great extent depending upon the locality and amenities provided in the area. For instance, the rental range of a 2-bedroom flat in Hyderabad starts from as low as PKR 10,000 while the prices for a 3-bedroom flat ranges between PKR 16,000 to PKR 26,000.

      Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Hyderabad

      Over the years, a large number of public and private sector educational institutions have been set up in the city. All are committed to providing quality education to the citizens especially to those who came from rural Sindh in search of better opportunities. The standard of education, however, is far better in private schools and colleges rather than the public sector. When it comes to higher education, the University of Sindh, Mehran University of Education and Technology, and Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences are some of the public sector universities providing quality education in the city.

      Hyderabad also boasts a number of hospitals and clinics that are providing primary and tertiary care health facilities to the people. Some of the prominent hospitals in the city include the Red Crescent (Hilal-e-Ahmar) Hospital, Bhitai Hospital, CMH, Liaquat University Hospital etc. Pakistan’s largest mental asylum Sir Cowasji Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry is also located in Hyderabad.

      Facilities & Security in Hyderabad

      From recreational avenues to quality healthcare assistance, Hyderabad has all the essential facilities that make it an ideal city to live. The security of the city is also satisfactory. CCTV cameras are installed at various locations of the city for 24-hour surveillance. A number of police stations and police check posts are present in different areas to ensure the safety of the citizens. It has a number of architectural sites like Miran Ja Quba (Tombs of Mirs), Pacco Qilo or Pakka Qila, Qadam Gah Maula Ali etc. that are worth seeing. The Sindh Museum offers a quick review of the Sindhi culture and traditions. It also helps students to get to know the history of Sindh better. The city has a number of public parks, Rani Bagh is famous among them as it houses a zoo, jogging track, open-air mosque, and zoological garden all in one place.

      Shopping & Restaurants in Hyderabad

      Famously known for its bangles and delicious Rabri, Hyderabad is a city full of shopping destinations. Shaahi Bazaar, Asia’s largest market, is located in Hyderabad which is an attraction for many. One can spend a whole day shopping here as it has a vast range of shops including clothes, handicrafts, souvenirs, and gift shops, bangles, jewellery, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc. Other famous markets of the city include Resham Gali Bazaar and Cloth Market which is one of the oldest markets of the city but still famous for its fabric. Besides these, a number of high-class and luxurious malls like Magnum Mall, Boulevard Mall, and Hero Tower etc. have been built in the city to provide all the essentialities and comfort of shopping in a secure way.

      Besides having a number of local and 5-star restaurants, Hyderabad is famous for its ‘Palla Fish.’ Another culinary attraction of the city is the decades-old ‘Bombay Bakery’ located in a bungalow. People from across the country come to Hyderabad to buy the scrumptious and delicious cakes made at the bakery. Due to immense popularity and long queues of customers, the owner has imposed a restriction of two cakes per customer.

      Reasons for Renting in Hyderabad

      There are a number of reasons to rent an apartment in Hyderabad. For starters, the city’s infrastructure is developing and improving fast. Main roads such as Wadhu Wah Road, Thandi Sarak and Auto Bhan Road have widened up to 200 feet. Similarly, 7-8 flyovers have been built to handle heavy traffic in the city. Residents have been provided with public transport facility for easy commute. Furthermore, the city provides equal job opportunities in both the labour workforce and the white collar sector. Plus, the real estate sector in Hyderabad, especially if you’re looking for flats on rent, is much more economical and convenient than its neighbouring cities. So, if you’re in search of accommodation in Sindh, that too on a budget, then renting a flat in Hyderabad is a better idea than renting an apartment in Karachi.