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Renting a Flat in Cantt Karachi

Pakistan’s largest city, in terms of population, Karachi, is also its financial hub. It significantly contributes to the overall economy of the country. It has many high rise buildings and worth visiting places, for example, Mazar-i-Quaid, Sea View Beach, Mohatta Palace Museum and the Native Jetty Bridge.

Karachi port is one of the biggest ports in Pakistan. The city is filled with shopping places, commercial markets, eateries and business centres. Every year, a lot of people move to this city to find work and pursue their career goals. The large influx of people is one of the main reasons causing a significant increase in the demand and value of rental properties in Karachi. A lot of people are now finding it ideal to rent a flat in one of the cantonment areas of Karachi because of their adequate living environments.

Types of Flats in Cantt Karachi

Karachi Cantt, Malir Cantt, Clifton Cantt and Faisal Cantt, these are a few famous cantonment areas of the city where you can find different types of properties for rent. Most people prefer going with the options of 2 and 3 bedrooms while selecting a rental apartment in these cantonment areas. Due to the ever-increasing demand, a lot of these newly constructed high rise apartment buildings mostly feature more flats having 2 and 3 bedroom. There are also many west open and corner flats available for rent in various cantonment areas of Karachi.

Rent Price Trends for Flats in Cantt Karachi

From 1,000 sq ft to over 2,500 sq ft, there are all types of flats available for rent in the above-mentioned cantonment areas of Karachi. A 2 bedroom flat located in Cantt having an area size of around 1,000 sq ft normally has a monthly rental cost ranging from PKR 30 to PKR 40 thousand. However, people in search of bigger homes to accommodate bigger families can go for a 3-bedroom flat in one of these famous cantonment areas of Karachi, the rent for which can range between PKR 45 thousand and PKR 1,40,000 per month

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Cantt Karachi

The cantonment areas of Karachi are dotted with many prestigious universities, schools and colleges, for example, if you reside in Malir Cantt you will have educational facilities like FG Public School, Govt. Degree College Malir and Fazaia Inter College near your home. While living in Karachi or Clifton Cantonment area, you can easily access educational institutions like Army Public School & College, St. Paul’s English High School, Dow Medical College and IBA City Campus. For healthcare, the cantonment areas in this city have their own facilities such as the Cantonment General and Combined Military Hospitals.

Facilities & Security in Cantt Karachi

A lot of facilities like banks, community centres, public parks and other types of recreational areas are found in the neighbourhoods of Cantt areas situated in Karachi. The flats here are uniquely designed according to the requirements of the people. When we have a look at those newly built residential buildings, we find many of them with facilities like covered car parking and standby generators. Usually, a cantonment area in Karachi is quite secure, having checkpoints at its entrances and security personnel patrolling around in their armed vehicles.

Shopping & Restaurants in Cantt Karachi

Many small shops and large-scale commercial centres are built around the different cantonment regions of Karachi. If we talk about Malir Cantonment, we can never forget to mention the famous shopping destination Askari Star Mall that lies close to the area. Another big project, Omega Shopping Mall, near the airport, is, as of January 2019, under construction. For other areas like Clifton and Karachi Cantonment, we can mention the names of Empress Market, Zainab Market and Atrium Mall, the three most visited places by shoppers. Foodies belonging to different cantonment regions in the city have numerous choices in the form of local eateries and international fast food chains.

Reasons for Renting in Cantt Karachi

There are many different privileges that the tenants of Karachi Cantt can enjoy. Firstly, these localities are counted in one of the upscale neighbourhoods in the city. Secondly, the monthly rents of properties in Cantt are quite reasonable, compared to the other areas of the city. Plus, when you are renting out property in any particular cantonment area of Karachi, you will undergo a contract with rather specific rules and guidelines laid down by the officials governing the society to safeguard the rights of both tenants and landlords.