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Renting a Flat in Malir Cantt

Malir Cantt is the largest cantonment in Pakistan that was taken over by the Pakistan Army in 1942. The neighbourhood is located in proximity to Jinnah International Airport and spreads across nearly 10,370 acres. It is basically a residential area for defence officers that functions as a military base as well. Most of the inhabitants are military families but rental properties in Malir Cantt also cater to civilians who want to live in a peaceful environment.

Types of Flats in Malir Cantt

Askari 5 in Malir Cantt is dedicated to apartment complexes that are managed and maintained by mostly military personnel. Apartments here have modern interiors, complete with high-end plumbing and lighting fixtures and fittings. Cleanliness is a top priority for builders and developers. Rental flats are available in 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units. However, you don’t have a lot of options in 4-bedrooms rental flats in Malir Cantt. One important thing to mention here is that low rise buildings here might not have lifts, but high rises usually have elevator service.

Rent Price Trend for Flats in Malir Cantt

Rental prices are a bit steep as Malir Cantt is one of the most expensive residential areas in the city. The two major factors that contribute to high prices in the area are its security and provision of modern facilities. Other reasons affecting the rents of flats here include the building’s location, level of the floor where the unit is located, and, of course, cleanliness in the area. 3-bedroom apartments have a rent of PKR 45 thousand to 75 thousand per month. The numbers can vary depending on the unit’s area size. The rent price range for 4-bedroom flats is PKR 60 thousand to PKR 80 thousand.

Facilities & Security in Malir Cantt

Security is the least of all concerns for people living in Malir Cantt. Since it is managed by the Pakistan Army, crime levels here are relatively low. There are check posts on all the entrances. Members of the armed forces carry out strict checking of people entering the area. Malir Cantt has dedicated spaces for parks, mosques, and commercial centres. Gas and electricity supplies are up-to-the-mark as, as stated before, the army takes care of the distribution of utilities. The area is very clean. Apart from these facilities, public transport is also accessible in the neighbourhood but only specific public buses are allowed to enter the area.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Malir Cantt

A number of educational facilities in Malir Cantt operate under military organizations. PAF Montessori and Army Public School are two of them. Apart from these, there are many other options like Foundation Public School, F. G. Public School, and Fauji Foundation Model School. In the vicinity, there aren’t any institutes for higher education, but residents can find KIMS, Iqra University Airport Campus, and Baqai Medical University in nearby areas. Hospitals here have competent staff and offer modern facilities to patients. The most recommended names in this regard are Tasneem Memorial Hospital, CMH, and Al-Khidmat Hospital.

Shopping & Restaurants in Malir Cantt

Malir Cantonment might be located far from the main city, but the management of the society makes sure residents have access to all kinds of facilities here. For example, Malir Cantt is home to famous local and international brands like Limelight, Gul Ahmed, Levi’s, J., and Chen One. In addition to these, there’s Imtiaz Supermarket and CSD in Malir Cantt for grocery shopping. Even some popular food chains like McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, BBQ Tonight, Burger Lab, and OPTP serve residents in the area.

Reasons for Renting in Malir Cantt

Renting a property unit in Karachi is most certainly an important financial decision for many as it requires a big budget. Due to reasons, discussed above, rent prices in Malir Cantt are much higher than other upscale areas of the city. However, the facilities and amenities, which your money gets you, set Malir Cantt apart from the rest of Karachi’s real estate. From cleanliness to robust infrastructure, Malir Cantt has it all.