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Renting a House in Malir Cantt

Malir Cantt is a highly-secure residential area, located opposite to Jinnah International Airport. It was first declared as a Cantonment Area by the British Government in 1941. After independence, Pak Army took control of the area and now it serves as a military base for Pakistan. Property in Malir Cantt is quite expensive since the area offers a plethora of amenities. So, renting is probably a better option.

Types of Houses in Malir Cantt

Renting a house in Malir Cantt, often comes with lesser responsibilities than owning one. In most cases, the landlords take care of the repairs, bills, and other such essentials. In Malir Cantonment, the areas that are offering rental properties are Askari 5, DOHS Phase 1, Cantt Bazaar, and DOHS Phase 2. Residential properties are available in larger sizes, compared to those found in other areas of the city. The smallest area you can rent here is 240 sq. yd. However, 500 sq. yd. houses for rent in Malir Cantonment are very popular.  

Rent Price Trend for Houses in Malir Cantt

Rent prices in Malir Cantt are reasonably higher than usual rent prices in Karachi. The reason being the presence of exceptional security and modern amenities. In most cases, the individual houses have parking and lawns as well. The rent price of 240 sq. yd. houses in Malir Cantt is somewhere between PKR 75 and 80 thousand. 500 sq. yd. houses for rent are usually priced between PKR 90 thousand and 1.5 lakh depending on the condition and location.  

Facilities & Security in Malir Cantt

Malir Cantt is based on an outstanding plan that includes carefully-planned spaces for parks, mosques, and commercial centres. Residents in the area don’t face any water or electricity-related problems. Moreover, security measures taken by the administration of Malir Cantt are exemplary. Army officials conduct strict checking of civilians and vehicles entering and exiting the area. Malir Cantonment is more or less free from noise and air pollution and the roads are generally clean. Plus, the area has defence-related sites like ISSB centre, Falcon Complex, Air Defence Brigade, PAF Malir Base, and Air Defence Headquarter.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Malir Cantt

Educational facilities in Malir Cantt cater to students from within the neighbourhood as well as those hailing from other areas. From montessori to higher secondary, these schools offer all levels of education. The most popular schools in Malir Cantt are Fauji Foundation Model School, PAF Montessori, Army Public School, F. G. Public School, and Foundation Public School.

Universities located close to Malir Cantonment are Baqai Medical University, Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, and Iqra University Airport Campus. The universities present on University road are also just 15 minutes from the neighbourhood.

For healthcare, this society has Dr Atiq Orthopaedic and Medical Centre, Tasneem Memorial Hospital, Al-Khidmat Hospital, and Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

Shopping & Restaurants in Malir Cantt

Residents of Malir Cantt are well-served by restaurants like OPTP, McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, BBQ Tonight, and Pizza King. There are also several markets, plazas, mini-malls and boutiques in the area. The nearest options for residents are Falcon Shopping Complex, Pak-China Shopping Complex, Zam Zam Mall, and Askari Star Mall. For groceries, there’s Imtiaz Super Market, Cantt Mart, Family Mart, Khushbakht Mini Mart, CSD Supermarket, and Four Dot Market.

Reasons for Renting in Malir Cantt

Real Estate in Karachi is so expensive that buying a home is not a choice for many people. Renting, in this case, can be a viable option. In Malir Cantt, even renting can be a little out-of-budget, but the facilities and conveniences provided here are worth every penny. Malir Cantonment is really safe because it’s a military base. Plus, residents don’t have to go too far to receive basic amenities like healthcare and education.