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    • Aziz Skyline
      locationSurjani Town - Gadap TownAziz SkylinenewStarting from
      PKR44.63 Lakh
      FlatsUp to 1.07 CroreFrom 142 Sq. Yd.
    • Bali Business Boulevard
      locationDHA Phase 2 - DHA DefenceBali Business BoulevardnewStarting from
      PKR1.13 Crore
      Offices1.28 Crore - 2.47 Crore71 Sq. Yd. - 137 Sq. Yd.
    • House Available For Rent Purpose
      PKR1.7 Lakh
      Askari 5 - Sector J, Askari 5
      375 Sq. Yd.

      House Available For Rent Purpose

      He House Is Surrounded By All Kinds
      Added: 5 days ago(Updated: 2 days ago)
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    Renting a House in Cantt Karachi

    Often dubbed as “mini Pakistan,” “the city of lights,” and “the city that never sleeps,” Karachi is a wonderful city that serves people from across the country.

    Along with being the country’s biggest city, Karachi is a chief contributor to the economy of Pakistan. This city is famous for being busy at night and busier during the day. A lot of people visit this city to have a closer look at the Mazar-e-Quaid, Mohatta Palace and Sea View Beach.

    Professionals from different parts of the country frequently move here for better job opportunities. The trend, over the years, has caused the population of Karachi to grow by leaps and bounds. The influx of people has also led to a surge in demand for rental properties in Karachi. However, in the cantonment areas of this city, you will come across a whole host of residential units, featuring different sizes and facilities.

    Types of Houses in Cantt Karachi

    The most popular cantonment areas in the city are Faisal, Clifton, Malir and Karachi Cantonments. You can find a plethora of rental properties in Karachi Cantt. Most of the houses for rent in the cantts are ideally located. For example, Malir Cantt lies right next to Jinnah International Airport. However, there are a lot of other options, too, especially for those who want to live near an important highway. People looking for rental homes in order to settle down in Karachi will come across many ideal options in these upscale neighbourhoods.

    You can also find Farm Houses in Karachi near Cantt.

    Rent Price Trend for Houses in Cantt Karachi

    The monthly rents for houses in Karachi Cantt are comparatively less than in the other upscale areas of the city. So, if you are interested in a 120 sq yd house in Cantt, the monthly rent for it can range from PKR 28 thousand to PKR 35 thousand. However, the rental range for a 500 sq yds house in Cantt lies between PKR 90,000 and PKR 1,50,000. Depending on the condition and location of houses available, you may experience variations in rental prices while hunting for a property in your desired cantonment area of Karachi.

    Schools, Colleges & Hospitals in Cantt Karachi

    Some of the famous universities, schools and colleges located near Malir and Faisal Cantonment areas are Beaconhouse School System, Karachi Public School, The Seeds School, Fazaia Inter College and Metropolitan University. A few of the many well-known educational institutions found nearby Clifton and Karachi Cantonment area include the names of The Smart School, B.V.S High School, IBA City Campus and Army Public School & College. Cantonment areas in Karachi have their own state-of-the-art healthcare institutions like Combined Military Hospital, abbreviated as CMH, and Civil General Hospital.

    Facilities & Security in Cantt Karachi

    Cantonment areas in the city of Karachi and all over Pakistan are usually formed and monitored by the military. Therefore, many such neighbourhoods are properly planned, having residential properties surrounded by many amenities like public parks, recreational clubs and commercial banks. Most of these properties are located near important boulevards and expressways, feasibly connecting the residents with other parts of Karachi. The presence of the local police and numerous security checkpoints, like those in Malir Cantonment area, ensures the safety of the people.

    Shopping & Restaurant in Cantt Karachi

    No matter which cantonment area you choose to reside in, you will always be able to access numerous shopping centres situated in Karachi. Visiting Askari Star Mall, Millenium Mall, Saima Mall, and DOHS 1 Market is more convenient for people residing in Faisal and Malir Cantt. However, other famous markets located near the centre of the city, such as Zaib Un Nisa Street, CSD Supermarket and Empress Market, can be easily accessed by the residents of Clifton and Karachi Cantt. Outlets of many international food chains, high-end eateries and traditionally styled dhabbas are found in the surroundings of cantonment areas in Karachi.

    Reasons for Renting in Cantt Karachi

    People residing in the areas of Karachi that are supervised by the military enjoy many privileges. For starters, security of life and property is guaranteed. You can easily walk on the streets of Malir Cantt with your expensive gadgets without the fear of getting robbed or attacked. Through the route of Shahra-e-Faisal, these areas are adequately linked to other important parts of the city, making commute easier for residents. Cantonment areas also let you enjoy perks of living in an upscale neighbourhood while taking reasonable monthly rents. There are proper guidelines and policies that govern every tenancy contract in