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Buying a House in Cantt Karachi

Karachi is the hub of all commercial and business activities in Pakistan. It is also the biggest city of the country, spread across thousands of kilometres. The mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, is also located here. It is commonly known as Mazar-e-Quaid. Karachi is a port city, so it has many beautiful beaches around it such as the Hawks bay, Sea View and French Beach. The population of Karachi has swelled dramatically over the past few years, resulting in more infrastructural and real estate developments. This is why, as a buyer, you will come across an extensive range of residential properties for sale in Karachi. Just in the cantonment areas of this city, there are many houses available for sale that you can choose from.

Types of Houses in Cantt Karachi

The residential properties available in different cantonment regions of Karachi come in various sizes. People buying bungalows in these parts are more inclined towards houses measuring 120, 240 and 500 sq. yds. These types of houses usually have 4 to 8 bedrooms, depending on the number of storeys and area size. A majority of these residential units are double storey houses with spacious balconies and car parking areas. Bungalows located in these well-established cantonment areas of the city, already have all the utilities installed such as water, electricity and gas.

Sale Price Trends for Houses in Cantt Karachi

Over the past couple of years, a constant price hike has been observed in the case of a 500 sq yds house located within the cantonment areas of Karachi. So, if you are interested in buying a 1 kanal bungalow in Cantt, then the lowest price you can pay for it is over PKR 2,00,00,000. For those who are interested to own a smaller residence, such as a 120 sq yds house or a 240 sq yds house in Cantt, there are many relatively affordable options available. For example, the price of a 125 sq. yds house for sale in Cantt starts at PKR 80,00,000, suitable for people who have a budget that cannot exceed a crore.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Cantt Karachi

Famous educational facilities near Faisal and Malir Cantonment areas include the names of FG Public School, Karachi Public School, PAF Montessori and Fazaia Inter College. On the other hand, Clifton and Karachi Cantonment has countless educational facilities in their surroundings, a few of them are Army Public School & College, IBA City Campus, B.V.S High School and St. Patrick’s College. Cantonment General Hospital, Combined Military Hospital and several other privately owned healthcare institutions can be found these cantonment areas of Karachi.

Facilities & Security in Cantt Karachi

Cantonment areas in Karachi cover a wide area of the city. The neighbourhoods in these parts are surrounded by a lot of facilities such as recreational clubs, public parks, masjids, commercial banks and fitness centres. People living in almost every cantonment area of Karachi can feasibly use the route of Shah Rae Faisal to get to the other areas of Karachi. In terms of safety, Malir Cantonment area provides you with a highly secure environment with the help of multiple security measures and numerous checkpoints.

Shopping & Restaurants in Cantt Karachi

If you have selected the area of Faisal or Malir Cantonment to get settled, then you will find shopping centres like Omega Mall and Askari Star Mall near you. However, if you prefer living in the cantonment areas near to the city centre, then you will be living just a few minutes away from the Express Market, Zaib Un Nissa Street and many other famous shopping spots in Karachi. Living in cantonment areas in Karachi means you can choose from a variety of cuisines. From desi to continental, you will definitely find something according to your taste by visiting a large number of restaurants around you.  

Reasons for Investing in Cantt Karachi

The value of properties in Karachi is rapidly increasing. This has led to a massive surge in the prices of property available in the cantonment areas of the city. It is one of the main reasons that a lot of property developers and investors are coming up with new housing projects in these neighbourhoods. However, the money that you shall invest in these areas will not go to waste. In light of all the facts stated above, it can be said that the cantonment areas of Karachi not only provide people with a comfortable lifestyle and secure environment but also possess a lot of worth in the real estate industry.