Mumtaz City

The RDA unveiled a prestigious housing society called Mumtaz City. This project accurately portrays everyone's aspirations for the ideal location where they might live joyfully, peacefully, and in harmony with nature. It is near Nova City Islamabad - another popular real estate project. 

Mumtaz City launched in 2011 but received its NOC status a few years later. The ideal location is highly attractive and easy to access from major routes. Residents and investors can benefit from the unparalleled lifestyle and promising rental yields and returns. The available residential and commercial plots convey the needs of a modern family and individuals looking to build a secure life in a gated community. 

Mumtaz City Payment Plan 2023 

After much consideration, management and developers came up with a flexible payment plan for the investors and residents. Plots are available at the lowest rates and in instalments as well. However, most of the residential and commercial plots are sold out. Thus it increased the amount of remaining available plots. 

You can pay in 11 quarterly instalments or pay a lump sum amount. Extra charges will be applied to corner plots. If you pay in lumpsum amount, investors can avail of a 10% discount. If half payment is made at a time, you can also avail 5% discount. 

Plot Size

Range of Prices

5 Marla (25×50)

PKR 38-45 Lacs

7 Marla (30×60)

PKR 48-60 Lacs

10 Marla (35×70)

PKR 75-90 Lacs

1 Kanal (50×90)

PKR 1.20-1.50 Crore



Mumtaz City Islamabad Location 

Located 10 minutes from Islamabad's New Airport, Mumtaz City is tucked away in the heart of nature. Mumtaz City offers all the conveniences of city living with the serenity of a top-notch suburban community at a price that brings our customers the best value. It is designed and developed by a team of world-renowned town planners and developers.

Mumtaz City Map 

Interested in looking at the Mumtaz City map? With the help of Plot Finder, you can find details about the housing society and the best route. The map of Mumtaz City entails information about blocks, streets, types and sizes of plots, green belts, parks and so on. To find specific details about a certain block, enter the plot number. A map will point out the plot for you. 

Accessibility Points 

Some major accessibility points that lead to Mumtaz City Islamabad are as follows.

  • Srinagar Highway (formerly known as Kashmir Highway) is at least 15 minutes away. 
  • Motorway Link Road is at least 18 minutes away. 
  • Fateh Jang Road is at least 31 minutes away., 
  • Islamabad-Peshawar M1 Motorway is at least 6 minutes away.
  • Tarnol Fateh Road is at least 2 minutes away. 

Although at a longer distance of 67.6km, residents can also access Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2. 

Nearby Societies 

Traveling and interacting with other neighbourhoods is a human need. The prime location makes Mumtaz City accessible to other popular housing societies in Islamabad as well. Some popular societies nearby Mumtaz City include: 

At a longer driving distance, Capital Smart City is 51 minutes away. 

Nearby Schools and Universities 

Islamabad is home to top-rated schools, colleges and universities. Mumtaz City residents can benefit from the following schools and universities nearby. 

  • Mastermind Schools Islamabad is 10 minutes away. 
  • Roots Millennium School is 18 minutes away. 
  • Concept Schools is 27 minutes away. 
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University is 40 minutes away. 
  • Riphah International University is 24 minutes away. 
  • Preston University is 26 minutes away. 

Mumtaz City NOC Status 

In 2018, Rawalpindi District Authority (RDA) approved Mumtaz City NOC Status. After gaining legal status, a boost in plot sales was recorded. 

Mumtaz City Islamabad Owners and Developers 

Mumtaz Construction Company (Pvt.) Ltd. and Chenab Builders are the developers of Mumtaz City Islamabad. They are well-known for their civil engineering business and are certified by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) under the Category A No Limit and ISO 9001-2008.

The company was established in 1982, with headquarters in Islamabad 1/10 Industrial Estate. With their progress over the years, they have earned themselves a reputation for being a reliable source. And so housing development is recognised under their banner, guaranteeing safer investment opportunities for the locals and overseas Pakistanis. Since its inception, Mumtaz Construction Company has met the demands of its clients and produced exceptional results in civil, electrical and mechanical projects in the last 28 years. 

Mumtaz City Islamabad Master Plan 

MMC hired a team of expert engineers and architects to develop Mumtaz City’s master plan. The project covers an area of 3,328 Kanals and is among one of the most well-planned residential housing societies in Islamabad. 

The residential area covers an area of 3,000 Kanals with a magnificent view of Margalla Hills in the background. Residential plots include 5, 7, 10 and 1 Kanal plots. You can also buy apartments and commercial plots in business areas. The project is divided into multiple blocks: 

Chenab Block 

It is the largest block of Mumtaz City, consisting of plots for residential houses, green parks, schools, a mosque a central commercial area. 

Indus Block 

This block consists of green areas, plots for agro-farmhouses, commercial areas, medical complexes, mosques, banks, and plots reserved for apartment buildings. 

Ravi Block 

This block consists of residential plots and has the largest commercial areas within Mumtaz City. A plot for the mosque and green area is also reserved. Residents can also benefit from the bank, clinic, schools, and colleges in Ravi Block. A graveyard area can also be found here. 

Executive Block 

There are residential plots, a school/college, a medical complex, and parks for recreational activities.

Each block consists of residential and commercial plots. Residential plots are available for houses, farmhouses and several open spaces. Public buildings can also be found in the master plan map using Plot Finder. 

Apartments in Mumtaz City Islamabad

If you want to avoid the hassle of constructing a new house, opt for apartments in Mumtaz City. Apartments are located in Indus Block among plots reserved for residential houses, agro-farmhouses and commercial areas. 

Accessible via Abdullah Haroon Avenue (100 ft wide road) and Allama Iqbal Avenue, you can find residential apartments. These apartments are bound to change your lifestyle for the better. Multiple apartment sizes are available, including 

  • 450x244 - site area for apartments includes 20.16 Kanals  
  • 305x149 - site area for apartments includes 8.34 Kanals
  • 280x157 - site area for apartments includes 8.06 Kanals 
  • 280x138 - site area for apartments includes 6.98 Kanals 
  • 225x175 - site area for apartments includes 7.23 Kanals 

Drive through Ch Rehmat Ali Avenue (80 ft wide). You will come across apartments located in Ravi Block. The plot size for apartments in Ravi Block is as follows. 

  • 320x280 - site area for apartments includes 16.45 Kanals 
  • 280x160 - site area for apartments includes 8.23 Kanals 

Mumtaz City Amenities and Facilities 

Residents want a next-level protocol by the housing society authorities to live their life comfortably. Therefore developers have provided the following facilities to maintain a comfortable living environment. 

24/7 Security 

A walled neighbourhood with a sophisticated and unbreakable security system erected on the perimeter walls to prevent trespassing Restricted admission through gate(s) that are electronically controlled, with all entrances and exits conveniently tracked by an automated computer system. Professional security guards are also stationed at the entrances and streets to provide additional protection and efficient surveillance.

Close Circuit TV Cameras on the premises and entry/exit points ensure 24/7 vigilance of the community area, all integrated into a state-of-the-art central surveillance room.

A high-tech, integrated digital control room to “Trigger rescue from the control room on help call by any resident”.

Road Network 

A distinguishing feature of Mumtaz City is its enormous network of wide streets and roads, ensuring that residents can easily commute inside the development. The project is linked to important city locations by carefully planned, high-speed arteries that allow for comfortable and timely transport.

Electricity and Power

To provide the greatest number of hours of uninterrupted power supply for the comfort of our inhabitants, we use a combination of electricity supplies from the national grid and independent solar energy plants/units. Living in Mumtaz City is enhanced by an internal maintenance service that is available 24/7 and an underground power supply network.

Jamia Masjid and Sector Mosques 

Beautifully constructed mosque with centralised air conditioning for the convenience of the locals. Children can attend regular Quran classes.

Natural Utilities 

Supply of this fundamental energy source from door to door using an appropriately maintained system. Residents do not have to worry about gas and water supply in this community. 

Waste Management 

To help maintain a healthy environment for the residents of Mumtaz City waste management plant is an essential facility. 

Mumtaz City Amenities for Residents 

Community Club

Mumtaz City's contemporary Community Club meets all our residents' social and entertainment demands in a welcoming and cosy setting. The Community Club, which has a gym of the highest international standard, sports courts, event halls, conference rooms, and dining spaces, is ideal for mingling and spending quality time alone.

Green Areas and Parks,

The numerous open green spaces in Mumtaz City, which include children's play areas, jogging trails, beautifully designed relaxing parks with lighting, and mini-stadium seating arrangements, are intended for residents' social and recreational activities as well as maintaining a green, healthy, and pollution-free environment.

Commercial Areas

The ultimate business, retail, and recreation location is Commercial Boulevard, which has beautiful construction. Commercial Boulevard is home to some of the best food and apparel brands and is furnished with modern conveniences.

Schools and Educational Institutions 

The Master Plan for Mumtaz City envisions some world-class educational facilities for our inhabitants' children. The proposal assigns strategically sound locations for separate boys' and girls' schools and a full-fledged degree institution for higher education.

Hospitals and Neighbourhood Clinics

A master-planned community's primary and speciality healthcare facilities are important. As a result, Mumtaz City has designated specific locations for community clinics in every block, in addition to full-scale medical complexes, hospitals, and specialised healthcare units, for improved accessibility in case of emergency.

Fitness and Jogging Facilities 

Mumtaz City, located amid nature with verdant open spaces, is a haven for health-conscious people who value fitness. The City is renowned for its immaculate parks and well-kept running trails with fundamental advanced workout equipment at various locations.

House Prices in Mumtaz City

Area Size

Price Range

5 Marla
PKR 1.28 Crore – 2.6 Crore
View Listings
7 Marla
PKR 1.5 Crore – 3.5 Crore
View Listings
8 Marla
PKR 2 Crore – 3.25 Crore
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Flats Prices in Mumtaz City

Area Size

Price Range

2260 Square Feet
PKR 3.09 Crore – 3.28 Crore
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Plots Prices in Mumtaz City

Area Size

Price Range

5 Marla
PKR 33 Lakh – 75 Lakh
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6 Marla
PKR 72 Lakh – 93.5 Lakh
View Listings
7 Marla
PKR 67 Lakh – 1.05 Crore
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8 Marla
PKR 74 Lakh – 95 Lakh
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1 Kanal
PKR 1.6 Crore – 1.95 Crore
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Commercial Plots Prices in Mumtaz City

Area Size

Price Range

5 Marla
PKR 4 Crore – 5 Crore
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Shops Prices in Mumtaz City

Area Size

Price Range

1 Marla
PKR 65 Lakh – 2.08 Crore
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