One cannot imagine living in a neighbourhood without the provision of basic necessities, especially in an urban city like Islamabad. However, you don’t have to worry about that if you’re residing in University Town. This housing society offers almost all essential utilities such as water supply, electricity, Sui gas, telephone lines and the internet. Around 80% developmental work in University Town is complete. Moreover, a large number of plots in Blocks A, B and D have already been handed over to buyers.


  • Secure, gated community
  • 80 feet wide main boulevard
  • 40 and 60 feet roads and streets
  • Underground electricity wiring and Sui gas supply
  • Uninterrupted supply of drinking water
  • Lush green community parks
  • Sports ground and jogging tracks
  • Schools, a central market, mosque and hospital
  • Community centre



Public Transport in University Town Islamabad

University Town is located near Kashmir Highway that leads to Islamabad Motorways Link Road, which provides access to public transport such as mini-vans, buses and taxis. Careem and Uber both operate in the neighbourhood.

Markets in University Town Islamabad

commercial building in University town islamabad
A Commercial Building being developed in University Town, Islamabad

As per its layout plan, University Town will have a market within the society so residents do not have to travel for 38 to 50 minutes by road to shop for everyday essentials. For now, people can visit Mobile Market in G-15, Farooq Market in G-13, Buland Market and Power Market in G-10, Khawaja Market in G-9, Salman Market in F-11, Markaz Market of F-10 and Al-Qamar in I-10.

Mosques in University Town Islamabad

The central Jamia Masjid being built inside University Town is a grand mosque, big enough to hold daily congregational prayers as well as Eid prayers. There are no other mosques in the vicinity of University Town. The nearest one is Jamiah Masjid Bilal in F-17, which is about 11 km away.

Schools, Colleges and Universities in University Town Islamabad

One of the top-notch educational institutes in the country, Beaconhouse Schooling System, is just 14 minutes’ drive away from University Town, located on the M-2 Motorway. The FG Girls & Boys High School on Fateh Jang Road is a 22-minute drive away. Federal Govt. Primary School and Chase Grammar School in F-17 are 24 and 26 minutes’ drive away, respectively. The City School, Allied School, Roots International School, The Maple Tree School System, PIPS School System, HOPE School and Dar-e-Arqam in G-15 can be reached within 35 minutes’ drive.

International Petroleum College on Fateh Jang Road is 22 minutes’ drive away, while Riphah University, NUST College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and Fatima Jinnah Women University take more than 40 minutes’ drive to reach.

Banks in University Town Islamabad

United Bank Limited in Dhoke Hameeda is the nearest bank to University Town, situated at a distance of about 7 km. Taqwa Islamic Bank can be reached within 25 minutes by road. Muslim Commercial Bank in Islamabad International Airport, JS Bank and Habib Bank Limited in G-15, Allied Bank in F-15, The Bank Of Khyber and Askari Bank in Tarnol are roughly a 35-minute drive away.

Electricity Backup

The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) supplies power to University Town via an underground cable system. However, it is important to mention here that future residents will have to install UPS devices or run their own generators as backups in case of a power outage.

Clinics and Hospitals in University Town Islamabad

University Town is building a state-of-the-art hospital within the society as the main hospitals of the city are far away. The nearest ones are Nusrat Hospital on Peshawar Road, in Rawalpindi, which is about 23-27 km away, and Shifa Medical Centre in F-11, which is roughly an hour-drive away from University Town.


Sale Price Trends in University Town Islamabad

Plots for Sale in University Town Islamabad
plots in University Town Islamabad
Development work going on in University Town, Islamabad

The sale price for plots in University Town varies in each block. Residential plots in Block A of University Town have very reasonable buying prices. For example, a 5 marla plot can cost from PKR 16 to PKR 25 lakh, whereas, a 10 marla plot in the same block costs between PKR 28.5 to PKR 34.5 lakh and a 1 kanal plot can be bought between the price range of PKR 50 to PKR 65 lakh. 

Similarly, buying plots in Block B of this town is also quite affordable with the price range for 5 marla plots from PKR 17.5 to PKR 2.2 lakh and 10 marla plots between PKR 3 lakh to PKR 3.3 lakh. 1 kanal plots have a price range of PKR 5 to PKR 6.5 lakh.

There are also a number of investment opportunities for plots in Block C of University Town however, you will have to manage your budget according to the areas. 5 marla plots have a price range of PKR 1.45 to PKR 2 lakh. Prices for 10 marla plots in this block start at PKR 2.4 lakh, going up to 2.7 lakh. 1 kanal plots cost between PKR 3.5 to PKR 4 lakh. 

Sale prices of plots in Block D range between PKR 2.2 and PKR 6.2 lakh. 5 marla plots can cost from PKR 2.2 to PKR 2.5 lakh; prices for 10 marla vary from PKR 3 to PKR 3.3 lakh and 1 kanal plots are available for PKR 5 to 6.2 lakh.

Plots in Block E are fairly economical for buyers too. 5 marla lots are available in the price range of PKR 1.65 lakh to PKR 1.95 lakh, whereas, 10 marla plots can be bought between PKR 2.6 to 2.85 lakh and 1 kanal plots cost around PKR 4.4 to PKR 4.75 lakh.

Plots in Block F of University Town are only available for sale in 5 and 10 marla sizes. The 5 marla plots are from PKR 1.35 to PKR 1.7 lakh and 10 marla can cost anywhere between PKR 2.3 to PKR 2.6 lakh.

Commercial Properties

The average size for commercial plots in University Town is 2.6 marla, which has a price range of PKR 31 lakh to PKR 37 lakh.

Most Popular Blocks in University Town Islamabad

popular blocks of University Town Islamabad for buying property
Buying Trends in University Town, Islamabad

University Town has been divided into six blocks, A, B, C, D, E and F. Each block has its own unique attributes such as parks, jogging tracks, street lights, cctv camera surveillance, security guards and much more. However, the most popular blocks of University Town for property investment are Blocks A, F and C.

popular blocks of University Town Islamabad for renting properties
Rental Trends in University Town, Islamabad

Rental trends in University Town are a little different than buying trends. However, Block A still remains to be a preferred choice when it comes to renting a home as well, followed by Block E and D.



Malls near University Town Islamabad

There are a few shopping malls near University Town such as Creative Mall in Block M, which is a 28-minute drive away, Commercial Market of Block B is 17 minutes away and Shanaam Plaza in G-16 takes about half an hour. The Centaurus Mall in F-8 and The Shopping Mall in F-11 are about 42 to 50-minute drive away.

Restaurants and Bakeries in University Town Islamabad

Kayani Restaurant on Fateh Jang Road is the nearest to University Town — about a 19-minute drive away. All other restaurants take around 30 to 40 minutes by road, such as Abbasin Fish Point, Taste of Khyber, Kashmir Restaurant, Eman Restaurant, Chick Fillet and Khyber Shinwari Tikka House. The best bakeries of Islamabad, Rahat Bakers and Bread N Bakes, are also just a 30-minute drive away from University Town.


parks in university town islamabad
Beautiful and well-maintained park in Univeristy Town, Islamabad

University Town has its own park and is situated near some of the best parks of Islamabad such as Recreational Park, which is 14 minutes’ drive away. Mumtaz City Park, Faisal Town Central Park and Lake Park take about 19 to 20 minutes by road.

Fitness enthusiasts will have to wait for the completion of the town’s development. As of January 2019, there are no gyms in the society. The nearest ones are at least a 40-minute drive away. Similarly, there are no beauty salons in the vicinity of University Town. Dubai Hair Salon and Moon Beauty Salon are the closest beauty parlours, about a 35 to 40-minute drive away from the area.


University Town is located right next to the upscale housing scheme of Eighteen Islamabad; the proximity has considerably contributed to the popularity of the former. Mumtaz City is a 15-minute drive away, while Top City 1 is only 19 minutes away.


University Town is one such society near the New International Airport, Islamabad which has the most affordable prices. Since there are not a lot of housing schemes nearby — even Eighteen Islamabad, Mumtaz City and TopCity 1 are under construction — buyers will have to be patient in terms of ROI. For investors looking to buy a plot on a budget should opt for the ones in Blocks A and F since these two sectors, which are still being developed, have the most economical prices.

Are you looking to buy property in University Town Islamabad?


Importance of University Town Islamabad from major locations nearby

  • New International Airport - a 41-minute drive away
  • Faisal Town Central Park - a 20-minute drive away
  • Kashmir Highway - a 32-minute drive away
  • Golra Railway Station - a 46-minute drive away
  • International Islamabad University - a 49-minute drive away

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