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Current status of DHA City Lahore

May 3, 2015 • news

DHA City Lahore

DHA City Lahore

What is the current status of DHA City Lahore?

This is a question we have been asked a number of times by our beloved readers, so it deserves an answer. In today’s blog post, I intend to discuss the current status and the future prospects of DHA City Lahore, so let’s start looking in to what’s going on in this project.
DHA City Lahore was launched 5 years ago in 2010. Initially, it was thought that DHA City Lahore was Phase II of DHA EME Sector, but the Defence Housing Authority named it DHA City Lahore.

Though the location of the society is still unclear, its files are being traded in the market. The file-holders paid their last instalments in December 2013, but they are still hopeful about the future of the society, and they should be, as it is a DHA project and DHA has yet to disappoint its investors.

But prices of most property files are currently below starting levels in DHA City Lahore. Ten-marla plot files are being sold at almost Rs 100,000 in loss and 1-kanal plot files are being traded at Rs 600,000 in loss compared to their booking values. Only 5-marla files are proving to be profitable at the moment, as they are being traded at almost Rs 150,000 in profit.

I have been asked by some readers about the impact of the Lahore Ring Road (LRR)’s southern loop on DHA City Lahore. I would like to tell you that the Planning & Development Department has not yet unveiled the precise map of the southern loop, but based on my personal observations, I can only subtly state that the development of the Ring Road might also prove to be beneficial for DHA City Lahore to some extent, provided the society is developed close to DHA EME Sector.

That is all about the DHA City Lahore for the day. I hope you got the answers to most of your questions about the locality from this post. But if there is still something you want to discuss, I will be happy to have a chat with you in the comments section below.

Note: Information about the current values of files was provided to us by Mr Ahmed Shahzad of Land Linkerz.